Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waste Not, Want Not...

I'm very happy working on my cushion making at the moment...

My latest one-of-a-kind creation was this large pillow-sized cushion made from a hand worked vintage tapestry. 

I combined it with a cheerful 1970's rose print fabric around the edges.

And made the reverse, fastened with large tied bows, from another vintage floral.
It is filled with a pure goose feather and down full sized bed pillow - A great size for snuggling into on the sofa or as a seat pad on a window nook.
At the weekend I was out foraging for more fabrics to use in my work and came home with this pretty pile...
Lots printed with red roses of course! 

And after making this pair of cottage cushions a few weeks ago, where I salvaged the beautiful hand embroidered cottage panels from a damaged tablecloth....
I was left with the central piece from the tablecloth embroidered with a perfect circle of cottage garden flowers, which I felt compelled to re-use too. 

I carefully cut it out and bound the edge with a black bias binding. (I also cut a circle from the middle and bound the edge of this too.) Slipped over a standard plain coolie shade, it makes a pretty lampshade cover that is easy to launder when necessary.

The last remaining sections of the hand embroidery from the tablecloth were used in adding a decorative touch to the velvet bags I showed on my blog recently...

The oddments of plain linen left over after all of these projects where turned into great rag dusters!
Niki x

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Wishes

Thank you to all who stopped-by my stall at the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday - I am very grateful to everyone who made a purchase.
My thanks to Sarah for purchasing one of my handmade pincushions which she has put together with some other purchases from the fair as a giveaway prize on her blog. Pop over to enter!

My thanks too to Belinda for mentioning my shop on her blog - A Town in Somerset. 
Hope you are enjoying a very Happy Easter,
Niki x

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Easter Bazaar, Frome

The much anticipated Spring Vintage Bazaar will be held this Easter Saturday, 19th April, 
at the Cheese & Grain, Frome 
9am to 3pm. 
I've been busy handmaking lots of pieces, as well as being out sourcing some vintage treasures and I've ended up with quite a 30's inspired collection of items... 
Made-over shoe stretchers.
Padded coat hanger with original floral corsage. 

I have some lovely old postcards.
I placed this stunning vintage floral fabric inside an elaborate frame as a eye-catching artwork.
Another of my handmade flapper hats stands - this one with her softly moulded 30's felt face that I've been saving for a while. 

And this shorter hat stand dressed in classic 30's colours, with typical cheeky face.

Cute flapper hair pins.

Calorie-free cupcake pincushions. 
Easter eggs covered in vintage fabrics (to be displayed in a paper nest on the day).

A variation on my powder-puff wands.

Vintage ribbon, button and braid rosette badges.

A sweet collection of flapper face powder puffs in spring-like colours.

I've also made some larger flower powder puffs similar to the others I showed on my previous post. These all have vintage millinery roses decorating them.

I also decided to make two new fairies for the spring season. 
This one is Pansy Petals...

And her friend is Ester, dressed in Easter pastels.

Forgot to take a 'before' photo of this old box, but it wasn't a pretty sight anyway! Its now tidied up with paint and fabric and is ready to be used once more.
I relined inside the main box with 30's velvet and also its 'secret' bits! (it has one of those drawers in the base too that springs open when the pin is removed - great for secreting all your diamonds away! ;-))

I found another of these little clock cabinets whilst down in Devon last month. 
Thought I'd leave this one alone on the outside, as the condition was lovely, but a re-line of the inside and the addition of two tiny shelves makes it more useful. 
I used antique handwritten papers.
Perfect for displaying a collection of tiny treasures that you may have. 

A little gift box, made-over with vintage wallpaper and a Victorian paper scrap featuring bunnies.
Cute 30's composition and muslin doll in red crepe skirt.
Vintage hand crocheted crinoline lady egg-cosies just in time for keeping your Easter breakfast warm.
Adorable 30's china bookend and friend... 
Hand worked needlepoint picture of the same era.
An original oil painting on tin of a pansy posy.

Lots more pieces are packed and ready to go...
Hope to see you there.
Happy Easter,
Niki x