Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Summer Inspired Update.

I've been giving my website a revamp over the last week and have added several new categories to the on-line catalogue. There are lots of new products in all of the sections, so I hope that you will enjoy taking a look when you have a moment.

There are some golden goodies reflecting the summer sunshine (?!)

And I had such fun making these tiny child-sized totes. Each one contains a vintage Ladybird book and I chose the various vintage fabrics to carefully coordinate with the book it held. I love the nostalgic quality of the colour plates in these old books - most of us grew up with these informative reads and I hope another generation of children can enjoy them too.

The C1950's towelling beach bag is my favourite - there's still time for some beach combing before then end of the school holidays, isn't there?....and if you can learn a little along the way too.... Sorry, I'm sold. Thank you!

I've added lots of vintage stock as well. This huge complete set of rubber stamps was for making price labels and showcards in a shop, all in £'s, shillings, and old pence! Great for the scrap booking crafters or a collector of shop memorabilia. Sorry, I'm sold. Thank You!

By chance I discovered some awesome cookery books from the 1930's, beautifully illustrated and full of tempting recipes, that have become quite rare and sort after. One left!

I've also decided to part with some of my vintage linen fabric panels, perfect for recycling into cushions or small upholstery projects etc.
My thanks to all who have made a purchase from my website since the last update.
Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Niki x
Update 8pm:
I have just added a few more items to the on-line catalogue. I hadn't quite finished typing the write-ups for them this morning! I love these little china floral place name holders and have been trying to come up with a way of using them.
They make ideal stands for vintage postcards and can be found inside the 'Gift Sets' section of the catalogue. (There are also two handmade padded coat hangers in the 'Hand Crafted' section.)


  1. Anonymous10:54 am

    hi niki, lovely post. beautiful pics as always! I just love this photo of the buxom lady in her swim suit! I must tell you that corner of our garden is the only section looking good at the moment. With the horrible wetaher, we just have not been able to get out there enough and the weeds have seriously taken over! oh well, we did want a wild garden...hahaha!

  2. I`m going straight over to your website, to see your new treasures!
    Kisses Kisses
    Debbie Moss

  3. Using vintage childrens books and totes has been on my to-do list aswell.Yours look lovely I like the vintage towelling.

  4. oh i just love those stamps!

  5. I love your idea of the Ladybird books coordinating with your bags ;-)

  6. I love your idea of the Ladybird books coordinating with your bags ;-)

  7. I live your idea of making small totes to coordinate with the books. Your Ladybird books must be just like the vintage Golden Nature Guides here in the US.


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