Thursday, June 25, 2009

Down My Garden Path...

That should read: 'Down My Newly-Laid-by-a-Hard-Working-Hubby Garden Path'!

Hope you're having a great week...mine has been busy, but pretty uneventful...just the usual things...with me travelling about as far as the post office in the next village...and no further...
This afternoon I needed to do a spot of gardening...the composting wheelie bin was filled once more...and I saved what I could for winter kindling...

My new (old) chimney pot found its home in the border...This is an area I cleared a short while ago, where a large rosemary bush became too large and woody, so was removed. I planted two new climbing roses that my brother bought for my Birthday, which I'll train over the arch. And I intend to plant lots more flowers in the gaps - I don't 'do' gaps!
The penstemon at the base of the chimney pot came from the flea market last Sunday - forgot to mention it on my previous post as I had sat it outside to sun itself!
I'd eventually like both sides of the path to look a bit like this - wild and woolly - I 'do' wild and woolly!
With old favourites seeding themselves where they please.



Yes, definitely needs some seeds sprinkled on the right hand side of the path, at the base of my chimney pot...and there's something hiding in the top right of the photo below...but that can wait for another post... ;-)) Yes, the newly laid path does lead somewhere!
(My favourite rambling rose 'blush noisette' which is growing in virtually no soil at the base of an old apple tree - on the other side of our garden.)
So, not a very exciting post - just sharing a few minutes of my day...I will make a small announcement tomorrow...
but don't get too excited! ;-))
Niki x


  1. you have a lovely garden to go with your Lovely home! have a happy weekend!!!

  2. I love the way your garden is layed out. It's all so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful Garden!!

  4. What a simply beautiful garden. I could quite happily dream away sitting out there surrounded by all those pretties, with a pot of tea and some stitching, I would be a happy girl indeed.
    Thanks for sharing, oh and the dress form in the first photo is sooo devine!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  5. Beautiful garden - thanks for sharing.

  6. Love your chimney caught my eye as I bought two smaller ones at the recycling centre on Weds!
    Lovely garden! ;-)

  7. It is all looking beautiful Niki, and I "don't do gaps" either!
    Have a lovely weekend. Liz xxx

  8. It looks lovely Niki!

    I don't do gaps either - wild & woolly & self seeded is my garden style too - even the vegetable garden is packed to bursting - no neat rows there either.


  9. Lovely garden. Lovely home. If you ever want to houseswap for a tiny cottage and garden in Sydney, let me know! x

  10. Your garden is beautiful!

  11. Oh, a gardening gal after my own heart! It's so beautiful! I'm sure you can see all the flaws, just like me with my garden, but from an outsider's point of view, it's just lovely!

    I wish we had those cool chimney pots here in the States!

  12. Your garden is gorgeous...You really have such a green thumb...I think I need to borrow you green thumb to help my gardens out...Your garden really should be in a magazine...

  13. Lovely garden! Your foxgloves are amazing.


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