Saturday, December 19, 2009

'Christmas is Coming...'

(Breathes a sigh of relief...) The festive decorations are finally starting to make an appearance here at The Stone House...
And at 'Lucy House' for that matter!
A frosty wreath for the living room mirror...
And the large bauble wreath that I made back in 2006 has survived another year in the attic and been brought down safely, with just a couple of decorations needing a little gluing back into place.
Its been gingerly hung in its usual position on the chimney breast..phew!
Still lots more to do...but I'll pause here for a moment to show you some photos that my Mum emailed to me. She lives in East Anglia and has had the heavy snow falls there...we generally seem to get the wet and windy weather here in the SW, but its snow for the east...
My parents live in a Victorian house with a lovely mature garden...
Perfectly festive, wouldn't you say? Thanks Mum!
Although we don't have the snow here, it has been bitterly cold...

So last night it was perfect to light the fire and snuggle on the sofa (with a Beechams powders!)
My copy of 'Seasons at Seven Gates Farm' on my knees, which I love looking through at this time of year...

And watching 'Victorian Farm Christmas' on the TV.

I was tempted to tuck into some of our gingerbread hamper that arrived from Germany yesterday...but was very good and resisted the urge!
Today its tree decorating time...(Yes, that is a wardrobe stood in front of the window in our kitchen! Its destined as a hanging rail in my might be surprised what you'd find throughout our home at the moment. We're having to store so much here until the painting is finished...Hubby has got quite used to climbing over a French sofa in his office to get to his computer! But I digress...)
It's tree trimming time...
Hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever your festive plans are,
Niki x


  1. What lovely snowy pictures. I wonder if there will be snow next Friday? But at the moment the beautiful womderland of your garden is just lovely. The German hamper looks yummy

  2. I did the same thing with my wreath put in on the mirror lol ... can't find anywhere else for it - my daughter keeps taking it down to look in the mirror ... I mean !!
    Love the shape of your tree Niki - i love real ones - though i have gone fake again this year :-0

    Following the shop updates with great interest :-))

    Best wishes especially at christmas Ginny xx

  3. Hi Niki,
    I love the colors in your bauble wreath! The snow looks lovely. It seldom snows in South Texas!

  4. Gorgeous, enjoy a bit of christmas me time. x

  5. Beautiful! LOVE that fireplace! Oh how I wish I had one... And that wreath and mirror are gorgeous!

  6. Happy Tree decorating!. and I hope the Beechams powders have done the trick! Liz x

  7. Enjoy your tree decorating! Your fireside looks so cozy, and your Mum's photos look so romantic and festive! =)

  8. Happy Holidays everything looks wonderful! Hugs, Diane

  9. I love your photos... ephemera... words...
    Beautiful blog!
    Wishing you all that is wonderful~

  10. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Your parents garden looks really lovely in the snow!

  11. WOW thats the best wreath I've ever seen!!Have a great christmas Niki.

  12. OOOOh lovely tree just waiting for the decorations.

  13. Oh your blog is just gorgeous.
    I wish you lots of luck with your shop.


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