Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank you

Thank you sweet Viv for your posting today.
I shall be back sometime soon, with a reply to all who stopped-by, and either commented or emailed me privately offering their views or support to my previous post . (I do feel I really know who my friends are now ;-))
Have a great week and "Happy Blogging!"
Niki xx


  1. Well there has been a storm brewing in blogland and I have to admire your courage to stand your ground and not be defeated by these mean spirited and sad folk who are so quick to criticise.
    You know I have long admired your ability to create a business from your own resources and talents and keep it going with great enthusiasm even though we are facing such a turbulent time in the economy. It was you that inspired me to start blogging and I have a lot to thank you for because of that journey I took.. but blogging has brought a certain amount of heartache and paranoia too, as it does expose one to the vagaries of human nature .. as you have discovered more than once with your blog. There are sadly a lot of insecure and jealous folk out there who cannot bring themselves to celebrate the success of others.. and it is such a shame that some of these people have targeted you and your business.
    I have also experienced this with running the vintage and handmade fairs. It is hard to rise above it sometimes when one feels worn down by other areas of our lives.

    You are greatly admired Niki and don't let the b******* get you down!!!

    With love and 100% support
    Michele xx

  2. Niki, as we all know, differing views and debate is what a democratic society is all about, very healthy.... but I really do dislike the anonymous view point...I find it incidious.

    You have much food for thought and I know you will come through this slump in the economy, with your skill and tenacity driving you forward.

    Thank goodness for women like you in this world. x

  3. Anonymous11:30 am

    Hi Niki,
    Blimey you caused a riot! Have been away and just looked at recent blogs.
    You KNOW you are good at what you do and success is through self belief regardless of economic problems which may reduce profits but never the enjoyment in what you produce. All those who count are v much behind you. You started me on this you know and I love everything you do.
    Best wishes

    11:26 AM

  4. Hi Niki

    Thinking about you today having read the mountains of comments on your last post ~ it astonishes me that 'anonymous' bloggers feel they have the right to actually click on the 'post comment' button after leaving such unkind and thoughtless comments. Thank goodness for people like you in the world, you are an inspiration to us all and am proud to say that I know you. I'll be arranging a trip to see you soon with a friend as I am in dire need of a 'Nostalgia Fix'!
    Lots of love, Ali x

  5. Well looks like I missed the Party .. and very rarely leave comments nowadays but just did a quick catch up and ref anonymous and anonymous (typical to hide) .... Handmade is very much with us and so is country cottage, everyone has different tastes.

    Your shop is gorgous and inticing Niki, keep up the good work.

    Ginny x

  6. even gorgeous too :-) !


  7. I must have missed something. Whatever it was, I wish you luck and look forward to new posts. I enjoy seeing what's going on at the shop and seeing the things you make.

  8. Niki;
    Although I don't often leave a comment when visiting your blog I have always enjoyed stopping by and seeing what is new. I happen to love your style and wish I could be close enough to visit your little shop! I have always love boutique shopping and abhor the huge box stores.
    I have a of my favorite magazines is one called "Victoria" a fabulous publication filled with photos of beautiful and gracious homes and great articles on entrepreneurs like yourself and each year they do a British edition of of the magazine and feature shops from all over England. Maybe you could write the editor and mention Shepton Mallet and the lovely boutiques etc. and see if they will put your town on the list of places to visit and feature. It could bring in more tourists and that can't be bad!
    In any event I am still a follower of yours and will continue to look forward to your posts and do hang in there Niki, having a shop like yours would give me so much joy!
    Tina xo

  9. Hi Niki ... I am happy to know that all is well!
    Your blog is wonderful and each photo is a travel in the past for me...
    I hope to see you soon and
    dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  10. I agree with you entirely. We have just had a third supermarket arrive on the edge of the small town near where I live. I opposed it on the grounds of the threat it poses to high street footfall, but very few agreed with me. So many say how much they hate multiples and supermarkets yet still buy from them - it is quite possible to get most of what you want elsewhere. I rarely use supermarkets and try to buy handmade, from individual traders, or ethically - and still manage to live in a pretty economical way. I take the view that in buying 'cheaply' from massive chains there is a hidden cost paid by others. And I totally disagree that the retro/handmade market is dead - there are plenty of people who still like that style, which is quite timeless really, but I do think that there are serious problems with the economy, and many businesses are suffering. Good luck to you with your ventures anyway.

    Pomona x

  11. Hi Niki,
    So glad to find your wonderful shop and to meet you.
    have a happy week
    Jane x

  12. Hi Niki! I haven't visited your blog for a while. I have come out of my "retired slumber" and working again, so not so much time to do things I like. I have read your last post with a great interest, well said! You are a hard worker, you make and sell lovely things, you deserve to do well. I think that most hight streets will suffer now, the big boys at the top scared the hell out of us by promissing us hard times and people have shut their purses. I only hope that this doesn't last too long, the last time around it cleared the hight streets and it a long time to fill them up again, too late for many shops.
    I wish you well, Niki, and I hope to see you soon:)

  13. hi Nikki, just to say I hope you don't despair too much, your not alone in your struggles and the quality of your efforts shines out. Can I ask what input both the Chamber of Trade and the Tourist Information have locally in your area, are they useful to you?

  14. ... still thinking of you a great deal. Come back soon. Helen x

  15. Hi Helen,
    Thank you for your kind message of support...I hope to be back on Monday with a BIG post that I have been working on! ;-))
    Niki x

  16. Hello Textile Queenie,
    Many thanks for your message on my blog.
    Shepton Mallet has a very pro-active TIC, but their funds are limited. The staff are very knowledgeable, have produced brochures and have a very good website...but at the end of the day, there is little they can do to help retailers. Many of us have our promotional material in the TIC, but I believe the staff are not allowed to give these out, they have to be picked up by visitors to the centre.
    Not too sure about the Chamber of Commerce...Id have to look into what they are responsible for...
    Belinda at No.21 has a lot of info on her blog 'A Town in Somerset'...she works very hard keeping it up to date and includes links to relevant organisations.

    Thanks again for your interest,


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