Friday, March 09, 2012

Me And My Teddy Bear...

My Mum recently sent me a pile of old photographs that had once belonged to her mother (my Nan). They were mostly family wedding photos that had been stored away for years in their pretty mounts and envelopes - Its been wonderful to look through them all and to spot some of the members of our family, sadly some of whom are no longer with us.
This little chap is a mystery...We can't seem to work out who he is...Despite there being a definite family resemblance...Love the way he's holding his teddy bear close to his side...
But this person we definitely know who she is...
It's me and my teddy bear (who I'm clutching in much the same way as my relative above) at my uncle's wedding!
And its nice to know that my bear Ginger is still very much with us too...
I dug him out from the bottom of my wardrobe a few weeks ago. I'm slowly giving a make-over to the spare single bedroom in our house and I thought it would be nice for Ginger to sit in there and be a friend to our granddaughter when she comes to stay.
Sadly for the short time he'd been unpacked, the moths have been munching on his toes and have eaten through his lovely plush mohair! :( - Such a shame to think he'd survived so well for years, only to finally succumb to the pests now (which I think arrived hidden inside a vintage woollen blanket that I brought home a few weeks ago!)
Never mind, he doesn't seem too worried about it and he has plenty of furry friends looking after him! (Including my monkey who's about the same age as Ginger. There's several newer family members too.)
Do you still have your teddy bear or special toy from your childhood?
Have a happy weekend,
Niki x


  1. Uncanny! I have that teddy too! It was a present from the man my Grandad used to work for! Given to me when I was born! I still have mine too! The teddy used to have a dark green ribbon around his neck but I don't know what became of that! Have a great weekend!

  2. yes, all the Toy Family are still here...and I give them a "winter holiday" from time to time in the freezer to repel months!
    Love the pic of you clutching that little bear

  3. I've still got Teddy Wilks (don't know why he was called that)and Polish Ted given to me by my Polish Great Uncle when I was a baby and they sit in my teddy bear cabinet alongside my other bears. Lovely post Niki. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  4. My kind of post!!!!!

  5. Alas, I think my teddy ended up on the front of the dustcart, but I do still have my squeeky spotty dog (who doesn't squeek anymore). xx

  6. I still have my dear old, balding monkey who my dear little man says "looks just like grandad"!!

  7. Aw - a lovely post. Don't know what happened to my teddy, but I still have some of my dolls.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Hi Niki, yes I still have my big ted, a chad valley and he still growls!not bad as he is 54 this year! and little ted.. I would never part with them....Happy memories.. Sue

  9. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Hi Niki
    What a lovely bear I love his expression!
    Yes I Still have my bears, a mohair bear "Honey" who is quite bald due to (lots of hugging) so now wears a cardigan, and a small wool bear "Titch" who has a poorly arm and odd eyes also now dressed in a cardi (to keep her arm covered)they are still very special to me, Pic's on my blog
    Thea x

  10. I still have my childhood stuffed bunny, who hasn't fared nearly as well as your bear! ;) What a treat to have all those old family photos!

  11. Gorgeous post. Yes, I still have most of my childhood toys including my bear which accompanied me to hospital when i was 5! Hope you have a lovely "rest of weekend". Liz xx

  12. Yes, I still have Teddy who has been my companion since I was 2!
    To get rid of moths pop Ginger in the freezer for a couple of days...he can play at being a polar bear!

  13. I have quite a few teddies but my childhood one left me many years ago. I have quite a few books but no toys from my childhood.
    Love your little friend.
    Carol xx


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