Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Light the Corners of My Mind...

I was very lucky to know all four of my grandparents for a significant part of my childhood...and my Nan for a lot longer than that. 
 Each of them knew how to make my brother and I feel special. I shall always be thankful for the knowledge they passed on to me and for the memories I recall and hold dear. 
“Sharing tales of those we've lost is how we keep from really losing them.” 
Mitch Albom
On a past post, I wrote about some antique postcards I had been collecting, which featured names as their design. My collection has grown a little more since then, but more importantly, I have finally found all four of my grandparents Christian names... 

Today, I have been putting the special collection of six postcards into a frame. I used photo corners (so as not to damage the cards) and stuck them onto an old cottage print in a c1930's wooden frame. All of my grandparents loved their gardens, so it seems fitting to surround the arrangement with flowers. 
I have placed it on display in my granddaughter's bedroom...
Permanently on view, it will be a reminder to me of how important a grandmother can be and to make every moment we spend together, count...
A chance for a relationship with the next generation.

The rest of the cards, I have put into a small album bought for me by my friend Debbie. 

Niki x


  1. Lovely idea. I spent today with my Granddaughter. It was my 60th, she's 18 soon we love each other lots and make sure we always tell each other this. x Joan

  2. How lovely Niki. My grandmother was Gertrude too & I have her silver name brooch.....not a name you come across these days. My other grandmother was Olivia which is such a popular name today. I haven't seen the cards before so must look out for them.

  3. I agree, such a beautiful idea. I had all my 4 grandparents in childhood too, priceless :)

  4. Me too! Anne and Mary, both marvellous cooks and bakers, Alfred and Herbert amazing gardeners, one for flowers, one for fruit and vegetables. I have learnt some much from them, and their memory lives on.


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