Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mid-August at Nostalgia at No.1

I've been working on all sorts of craft projects recently...making lots of new items for the fair I mentioned on my previous post, which is fast approaching, as well as stocking up my shop...
At first I wasn't sure how best to utilise this old hand embroidered tablecloth, that sadly was torn and stained...
The best thing about it was the neatly stitched flowers, so I thought I'd carefully cut them all out to use for a flower garland.
Lots of lovely flower motifs.
I supplemented them with some others I had saved from past projects.

Taking a reel of cotton tape from my supplies, I then stitched the flowers randomly down the length of the tape using my sewing machine.
Pretty garlands to add a decorative vintage touch to the home...
Or shop!
I made this longer length to decorate the shop, using some pretty hand embroidered pansies...

I bought a large array of country style pieces from a friend, so set about revamping them last week. I wax polished the lovely old trug/wooden basket and painted some of the other pieces in a soft cream eggshell. 

A willow basket with damaged handle was made new again with a binding of cheerful gingham fabric glued in place. 

This large laundry type basket had a lining made to fit, which I fashioned from an old coffee bean sack. I carefully hand stitched it in place around the top. Perfect for storing fresh vegetables perhaps, in the farmhouse kitchen?

I've put together another collection of garden gift sets, containing vintage garden tools, clay pots and useful gardening books.
This rather sad copy of Beatrix Potter's Flopsy Bunnies was damp, tattered and torn when I discovered it at a flea market - Consequently, I felt OK about cutting it up to make a collection of greetings cards.  
I was able to rescue quite a few of the illustrations inside, trimming where necessary to avoid any watermarks. 

I made a second collection from a damaged Peter Rabbit book, too. 

The 'waste-not, want-not' philosophy also had me salvaging scraps of antique fabrics in my workroom to make this final selection of cards...
 - Each trimmed with a tiny dried rose bud. 
I may save these for the Devises Fair...I've been finishing off a collection of fairy dolls for that fair too, as well as a few other one-off pieces. I shall show these on a later post. 
Otherwise, everything else has slowly been making its way into my little shop. There is barely a square inch left free there at the moment (Having said that, I'll be delivering yet more pieces as from Thursday, as -and-when I complete a few more projects!) - I feel happy to have had some time away from my PC in order to catch up with all of these make-overs and to get my shop looking just the way I wanted...

Please keep going if you'd like a short tour in pictures of my nostalgic space...


Lots more photos of my latest handmade items can be seen on my other blog, which I have been keeping updated. 

Thanks for stopping-by.
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. What a lovely surprise to see you come up in my reader! Thanks for posting here! I have been watching your other blog, too, but . . . it's nice to be able to post a comment. :) Looks like you have been very busy! Everything is looking lovely!

    I always feel bad when I see books with their covers pulled off on purpose just to display them that way or when books are torn apart for crafts, except in cases like yours here where there is so much damage to them. Perhaps in part because I was always such a little bookworm it somehow seems almost sacrilegious to me! (I'm a little cuckoo I guess! ;)

    You made excellent use of the pages on those sweet little cards that it gives the books new life! I love the little scraps of fabric used for the cards, too!

  2. Wow Niki, the shop looks fabulously full! I'm looking forward to paying you a visit when I come up for the Shepton Fair in September x
    Ps. love the vintage cut-out flower bunting!


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