Friday, October 18, 2013

The Vintage Bazaar, Frome

 Just a little reminder, if you don't mind?...
This Saturday, the 19th October, sees the Vintage Bazaar event arriving at the Cheese & Grain, Frome once again...Organisers Lizzie and Clare have asked stall holders to give their stands a Christmassy feel to provide visitors with lots of inspiration for some early Christmas shopping. 
Always happy to oblige ;-)), I've been making and sourcing some festive treats.
Happy to pass on lots of seasonal cheer is Joy, one of my one-of-a-kind large angel decorations.
Joy is dressed in an adapted antique cotton baby gown, which I hand embroidered with the festive message. She wears a golden tiara and her wings are decorated with a collection of tiny trinkets to finish this special keepsake.

For a while now I have wanted some of my creative pieces to be seen as more than 'just' craft and to move into the realms of art. I work hard to make sure each of my handmade fairy or angel dolls are unique, selecting beautiful lace, textiles and tiny accessories to complete each one. Its important to me that those who buy my work feel they have a special keepsake to treasure, and not something that has been churned-out by the hundreds.
On discovering an old box frame in a little junk shop (of just the perfect size it was uncanny!) I decided this could be the way forward.
Bonnie Doon, dressed in fine antique laces and sparkling trims, has been placed inside, rather like a Victorian specimen, to be forever sealed in time as an heirloom artwork. 
Joining her is another carefully executed artwork...
This is Miss Alice

She proudly stands inside her elaborate antique frame, wearing her fine lace gown, feather cape and vintage mink hat.
The rusty key that she carries, suggests she has a secret to hide...
and her fine carved wings glisten as only mother-of-pearl can. 
For those who would prefer their fairies to fly free, I have come up with three more girls to offer for sale...

Figgy Pudding


Since taking Eve's photo, I decided she needed a little extra 'something' and now she wears a wisp of vintage marabou around her shoulder, a la Mrs. Clause!...

(All of the other Christmassy decorations surrounding her in the photos will be coming to the fair too!)

My final fairy is Elm Lace-Bark, dressed for the autumn season.

A sweet collection of vintage festive framed nursery prints.
Daisy is my newest large-size rag doll to be completed. She is dressed in a charming selection of floral vintage fabrics, with a hand embroidered woolwork linen pocket which I added to her gathered skirt. Keeping her warm is a lovely moss green pure lambswool cardigan with a fun mishmash of  buttons decorating the front. (She also wears an original WWII sweetheart brooch which reads Daisy.)

She said you wouldn't mind if she were to flash her bloomers, so she could show you the lovely fine lace at the hems?! ;-)) 
(Bloomers made from a c1940's floral Sanderson.)
Her traditional country look sets the scene for the plans I have for other half of my stall. The gorgeous hand embroidered framed flowery tapestry (above) will be hard to part with. I also used an old tapestry to make the yummy cushion - It features a house surrounded by a colourful cottage garden, all beautifully stitched.

Hours of work from a time gone-by.
The reverse.

This is Biddy, posing with that lovely tapestry...She really likes the colours in it...And as you can see from her cute little outfit, she really likes colours!

Her skirt is a 40's Sanderson fabric, which is teamed with a pure wool Fair Isle sweater. 

Biddy also wears rose/paisley bloomers and a Victorian cotton petticoat. 

I've covered this simple mirror frame in a pretty linen fabric as another one-off piece for the home...I love the pink roses in this fabric. 

And this old Lines horse-on-wheels will be trotting off to the fair tomorrow too...Hope you can make it along to join in the fun...
Have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned,
I'm off to my shop now - I'm trying to finish one last doll in time for the fair...Wish me luck!
Niki x
UPDATE: Yes, I made her in time!..Please meet Tess. 
Sorry about the quality of my photos, but it was dark by the time I got home from work this evening. 
Tess is dressed in a Fair Isle sweater and has a Liberty print skirt...

She's happy to be joining Biddy tomorrow at the fair...I think they will become the best of friends ;-))

All packed and ready to go...Have a lovely weekend, Niki x


  1. Hi Niky..a magical world!!!!
    Kisses and hugs, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous, Niki. I wished I could go once on such a fair. I think, Miss Alice is your best creation I have ever seen! That frame around is so perfect together with the angel. I love every detail you gave her, especially those wings. And the cottage cushion with the cottage garden around, so beautiful! Have a great fair and I hope you sell it all!

  3. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful dolls with us and I love the cottage cushion, x

  4. The very best of luck with your stall today. Figgy Pudding is my fav. Daisy looks so cosy in her cardy.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments, ladies! I seem to have so few comments left on my blog these days (and Facebook is a bit horrid – I don’t like being there! ;-)), that to have this from you means so much. I had to wait until the day to really find out what people thought of my latest works, and have to say I had one of my best fairs for a long time...It was worth all the extra effort I put into making this week! I’m glad you noticed my efforts, as I was wanting to try out the new ideas this time...
    Niki x


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