Monday, March 10, 2014

Flower Sellers

Thanks to Lizzie and Clare for organising such a beautiful fair at Devises on Saturday. 
My thanks too, to all who made a purchase from my stand... 

There were some wonderful pieces on offer...
My purchases included...
A sweet cottage tapestry from Michelle.
A pair of Laura Ashley curtains from 'All Things Vintage & Beautiful'.
And several beauties from cheerful Elaine, of 'Ted and Bunny'.
This stunning barkcloth...

Two embroidered panels...

And two antique books which I intend to give to a friend as a Birthday present, so won't be showing those here as she may peek! :)
Its also possible to buy copies of Homes and Antiques magazine at many of the vintage fairs for just £2, (back issues are usually only £1) which I did! - Alice often has a stall to promote the magazine and writes a blog reporting from the fairs she attends.
I'm hoping to put the beautiful fabrics that I bought to good use. I am currently into cushion making, which always seems important when spring comes around...Folk get into the spring cleaning and have a need for a fresh look for their homes...
This seagull cushion was made from an old hand-worked tapestry.
(it is reserved.)
The reverse.
Another cushion made from hand embroidered linens and a vintage floral on the reverse. 
And a vintage Sanderson to match the chair I recently reupholstered.

Sunshine at last - Enjoy your week!
Niki x


  1. can't wait to see the cushions!
    love from cheerful me xx

  2. *ggg* she IS cheerful!
    So sad I could not be on both places in the same time. But our day was fabulous, as well. Thank you again for all, Niki - it was so nice to see you again last Friday. I haven't yet unpacked all what I brought home but tomorrow...
    Look after yourself, please - you need some rest after all that stress, I could see it. Have a great week, spring is there!

  3. OOOH Mrs,what a lovely post,all that prettiness!How can people bear to sell it? I do WISH I lived nearer I would so love to attend those vintage fairs!!Actually we are having a Spring fair at Olympia where I have my space,I can't do a stall as I still work full time and no one at work knows about my hobby. Because I work for a charity we are not allowed to do anything regarding selling to the public but as my space doesn't require me to sell things myself I feel that it's ok.I enjoy having another secret life that is all mine and I can escape to for a break from the hum drum!!Mabe one day I will do it full time,you never know! 'bye for now Pam.


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