Monday, November 17, 2014

A Trove of Treasures

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend, visiting our local antiques fair. Just to give a flavour, these two photos show Sue's lovely stall inside one of the halls. 
Although it was day three of a three-day event, (I was working Friday and Saturday) I was pleased with the goodies that I was able to come home with...
Still can't believe that this fabulous flapper head, which was displayed on one of the inside stalls, had gone unsold during the trade day. Lucky for me Lizzie had spotted it on day one and had messaged me to say I needed to see it when I got to the fair! 
As soon as I saw her I knew she had to come home with me. She's dressed in old pleated crepe paper - My guess is she's a carnival piece very similar to another one I own, which I bought in 2007...They don't turn up very often! She'll need some careful cleaning, as she's not been stored very well in the past, but apart from that, I may just try and make-good the old paper again, rather than replacing it...She's a keeper for my collection anyway.
My other purchases from the day were foraged from several of the other beautiful stalls there. 
Some items take a bit of uncovering, as they are often amongst a jumble of fabrics, boxes and unsorted baskets full of treasures from French Chateaus. I found a gorgeous length of satin fabric woven with roses, sequined motifs, a velvet pansy and other precious pretties...

Two lengths of metal thread lace, feather hat trims, glass beads and more sparkling motifs. 
Items like these always end up costing me a small fortune(!), so realistically, I will need to put up the price of my handmade fairy dolls next year. 

I was also on the hunt for small items to display on my own stall at the upcoming fairs. This little metal box lined in tattered silk was perfect for the look I want to go for. The tiny hand painted floral tin holds hair grips. 

When surrounded by such wonders, I find it difficult not to be tempted myself...This quirky chick, the like of I have never seen before, would have been an Easter egg container. He's going to live in my glazed cabinet with some dolly friends that I showed here recently. 

Lovely antique shells and coral are something else I always like to look out for. The coral came from Belinda 'Ginger Rose'...
as did this spelter figure. I want to try and reinvent him as an angel somehow...

And fairy-sized vintage glass baubles are always a 'must-buy' :) 
- Loved the box they came in too! 

Not a bad day's hunting...Lots of projects to get on with now.
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Looks like you hit the jack pot of things for your lovely fairy dolls! Can't wait to see what all you get up to with these things!

  2. Fantastic - what an amazing haul! Your mind will be running on overdrive now, planning what to do with them. Enjoy xx

  3. Was lovely to see you Niki. You certainly found some lovely things xx

  4. Gorgeous finds Niki..I looked long and hard at that spelter figure too! Liz x


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