Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gorgeous Gifts and Fabulous Finds!

I wasn't even aware that I had entered Karla's cottage charm giveaway! - she emailed me to tell me that I had won her gift; I had left a comment on her blog and my name was picked out - now that was a lovely surprise! Even more surprising, when the little parcel arrived, wrapped in a teeny envelope and a millinery flower decoration, was one of Karla's beautiful charms - hand painted with roses - I LOVE roses! Thank you Karla, the charm is so perfect. I have added it to a vintage diamante necklace and will wear it often.
(Karla is VERY generous with her giveaways - check out her blog and see!)

My hubby has been away on business in the States for two weeks. (He would pick the half-term holiday, wouldn't he?!) Well, he made up for things by bringing these two interior magazines back for me.

I really loved these inspiring photos inside...
Other items to come my way recently include some wonderful finds at my local car boot sale:
This miniature metal rocking chair, probably Victorian and fashioned from a tin can! The seat is the round top of the can and the rest has been cut and twisted into shape from the outside of the tin - amazing! It has even been upholstered in a fabulous gold brocade.

I couldn't resist these pieces of etched glass from an old Venetian mirror. I'm not sure what I shall do with them, but I couldn't leave them there!

This tiny French epergne consists of an etched glass posy holder in a brass stand decorated with lily pads on a pool shaped base - very Art Nouveau.
And an Edwardian angel wall plaque made from bisque, with pretty hand painted details. These items were all from the same seller - I think we shared the sames taste - don't you just love it when that happens?!
I shall add all of these pretties to my dressing table...well its hardly a dressing table...there isn't an inch of space left for doing dressing table activities! Most of the things are pieces I have added over the years from Antique fairs and flea markets; lots of French items and even a few modern pieces that have been bought as gifts for me.

This fabulous antique tiara stand is another recent acquisition. I won it on eBay, being very lucky with a low bid - I have seen these fetch well over £100. This one is missing its glass dome cover, so I was able to buy it with the last of my Birthday money, at reasonable cost. They were made around 1880 and were used to display a Bride's tiara, corsages and other mementos from the big day. This one has the wax flower headdress and it is displayed on the red velvet cushion that is surrounded by gilded flowers and a dove, porcelain roses and 6 silvered mirrors.

They are completely over-the-top and so French in style, slightly gaudy and grotesque! But I have always wanted one! I was glad to have won it and so pleased when I opened up the carefully wrapped parcel, as I had been disappointed with other eBay purchases in the past.
It's such fun spending time hunting down vintage treasures, whether on the Internet, or out and about at fairs and markets......


  1. Niki, your posts never fail to disappoint, and I think this is one of my favs so far! Everything is LOVELY! I and get a chuckle out of your dressing table dripping with treasures - oh how I would love to have that in my own room! =)

  2. What amazing finds and you put it all together so beatuifully.

  3. Niki your photos are always so beautiful. Your dressing table is amazing, so many treasures. Love the fabric from Clare too!
    Kim x

  4. Hi Niki - What wonderful goodies! I think we may have a chair for you. I'm fairly sure Mum brought one with her that she doesn't want. Mind you, where it is is anyone's guess. Probably at the back of her garage! Let me know if you want me to search! Sue x

  5. I've been making a tiara all day so quite apt that I should come across a tiara stand today, how totally opulent!

    I do love to see all your wonderful things and you display them so beautifully.

    best wishes Ginny

  6. You have fabulous things here...I am amazed....love your dressing table!!!!!!

  7. Wow,
    You have some lovely things. I love the tiara.
    Congrats on winning the charm and gift.
    Isn't that fun? You didn't even know that you entered.
    Have a wonderful day,

  8. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Such treasures! I discovered Karla's blog today after she commented on one of my posts. Her charms are so beautiful.

    Marie x

  9. Anonymous10:56 pm

    You sure know your antiques - I don't think I'd be able to tell what is reproduced or real...such as the tiara holder (which I'd never heard of).
    I love Cottage Style mag & tried to subscribe but I just got an announcement yesterday that they are no longer going to publish it - along with some other decorating mags! I liked it cuz it showed regular people decorating, not the pristine, sleek, expensive decorating mags After 15 yrs or so, I am cancelling my Romantic Homes mag. I just don't find it as cozy anymore.

  10. Love that etched glass.

  11. Nikki-wonderful photos! I can't believe it-I also have a french wedding display thingy-mine is encased in a glass dome and I love it!! Have you ever been in Butler and Wilson in London-they have about 5 of them on display!!
    Love those flowery curtains too!!

  12. Hi Niki

    Ooh lots of lovely eye candy again! I've enjoyed having a good look at the photos and I'm glad you like the curtain fabric!

    It's great to have a husband who knows exactly what you like - those magazines look wonderful.

    As for all your gorgeous treasures, well what can I say?! They're all beautiful - thank you for sharing!

    Clare x

  13. Thanks for showing my little roses, they look extra special with all your dressing table items posted on the same page. How pretty your table top is, and what great things!!

    Glad you like the charm. Thanks for coming by to visit, I do love to get comments from people and will always have a drawing going that each comment gets entered into.

  14. ohh i am too jealous!! All of it, I want it all!! ;)

  15. As always I like all your lovely pictures but the wall paper in the one room ( red ) is just beautiful. My home is full of red and I love it.

  16. Your dressing table and everything on it is a work of art all by itself. I love it!

  17. Please see my blog for a mention of this fabulous post

  18. All the eye candy, gorgeous as always!! I especially loved the victorian chair... Looks cute!!

  19. wow you have an amazing eye and lucky for you to live in a treasure chest like england! thanks for sharing the wealth!


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