Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Job Done!

I've finally finished installing all of my craft supplies into my new workspace in the basement.

I even have my PC down here now, so everything that I need to run my business is in one place.
The aqua blue drawers hold my vintage ribbons and lace, with boxes on top storing buttons, brooches, beads etc.
Hubby and I hung my little French vitrine on the wall - we had to go shopping for special wall plugs with the new walls being plasterboard on battens - we're used to drilling into the solid stone walls in the rest of the house.

It holds French ginghams and tickings, as well as a few tiny friends...

And these display boxes hang next to the cupboard. I've had them for around 10 years. They originally came from a certain Scandinavian furniture store, which we do not mention in this house (not a favourite place of hubby's!) so I'm not sure if they are still available.

I gave them a coat of paint and lined the backs in vintage wallpapers. I like the fact that the glass just slides into place, so the contents can be moved and changed at will.
Vintage doll parts are kept in this one, all waiting for make-overs....

My sewing table is placed under the window, so that I have plenty of natural light with a view of the garden and it is next to the door too.
The white painted wooden sewing drawer is the one I had from Heather. I've used it to store my scissors and tools, to keep them close at hand.
Hubby made me the wooden pelmet from an old carved cupboard topper, which I painted aqua. I made the curtains from a vibrant 1930's Liberty print. I am very fond of the fabrics from the 20's and 30's, which I feel look right in our home, as it was built in this era. My table has a patchwork tablecloth made up of more floral 30's fabrics.

My old barbola waste paper bin cost me 50p from a charity shop, many years ago.
At the other end of the room is my fabric stash and more storage, mostly for my website stock, which is safely tucked under the stairs.
I also bought our old washstand down here, which has hat boxes underneath keeping millinery flowers dust free.

A basket filled with old wallpapers.

And the old chippy painted shelves that I bought the other day, housing antique lace and trims.
There is always so much going on in this household, (as seems to be the norm with modern families these days) that it can be difficult to stay focused on crafting and developing new ideas. It is my hope that this new clutter-free environment will help me get back into my work.
Finally I added this Victorian religious print - I love the quote, which I feel still has so much relevance today.
My first visitor! (And yes, she has been right inside!)
Well, must go for now - my in-laws will be arriving soon to stay for a few days.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Niki, this is all so very beautiful! You are extremely organised! Beautiful, beautiful! It reminds me of a 1920's sewing room on display in a mansion we visited last summer. You have quite the stashes of inspiration to work from! (I spotted the music collage... wink wink!) I particularly love the Victorian motto on your wall. =)

  2. Wow! I love your new space.

  3. It's just as lovely as I thought it would be Niki! You've done such a fantastic job down there. I bet you can't wait to get sewing! Enjoy your visits

  4. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Oh Niki, it all looks heavenly, you are so talented, I just love everything. What a lovely print on your wall too, with a very soothing quote. Thanks for sharing with us. Jackie Mx

  5. Wonderful! I just showed my dear hubby how great your craft room turned out .... and he said " I can make you a little room, honey." And I said...."when?"

    Thanks for showing!

  6. It's a lovely workspace! Well done..hope you enjoy it ;-) Sal

  7. You have been working so hard, but what a result, I bet you cannot wait to get started! What a nice crafting and storing space. You give me inspiration too; I also have those Scandinavian display boxes (I really am beginning to understand that the dislike of that furniture shop of men is universal). Thanks!

  8. It looks fantastic, great job and what a wonderful work space.

  9. What a beautiful place to work and create in. I need to show my husband this. We're going to make over the smallest bedroom for me.

  10. I'm so jealous of your workshop!

  11. Anonymous5:51 pm

    It really is beautiful! I especially love the French vitrine and the display boxes on the wall (I have some exactly alike- and my hubby doesn't like that shop at all, too!!). The aqua chest of drawers is so cute, and so the washstand and the shabby shelf. As for the fabric storage... it is incredible!!

    Enjoy your in- laws,

    Monica x.

    P:S: Love the hen, too!!:)

  12. Boy am I green with envy right now... that space is amazing!!

    Can't wait to get my own craft space!!

    Victoria xx

  13. Oh wow this looks fantastic! How wonderful to have everything in one place.
    I do hope you enjoy using your new room and that the atmosphere gives you great creativity.

    Rosie x

  14. Wow, Niki your studio looks so beautiful and so neatly organized. You are much further along then I am.
    I am painter an old store counter today to house my fabrics and things.
    Looks great congratulations! Pinkie Denise

  15. Well done to both of you on your hard work. I bet D's parents will be impressed. From the comments it seems that there will be a lot of new craft rooms being created all over the world, and all thanks to you!

    Sue x

  16. It all looks lovely so bright and airy and so very pretty, great place to work.

  17. wow!! looks fabulous!!
    love the doll heads. love everything.

  18. Oh my gosh and what a great job you did! I'ts all so so beautiful Niki! I'm sure you will enjoy your time down there in your new studio! Congratulations!!

    I so love all your pretty flower boxes and as a paper lover I'm especially drawn to your big rolls of vintage wall paper, whish I would be lucky to find me some rolls too sometime, even one roll would be such a score! I'm still collecting little bits and pieces of wall paper from my crafty blogging friends.
    Love that last picture too lol what a cute visitor!

    It's a bit colder here than the last two weeks this week, but still very sunny and I hope it's the same for you over there on the island!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs Carol xox

  19. P.S. Louises collage looks fabulous there on your pretty shelf!

  20. What a fabulous space Niki..
    I never doubted that it would look anything less than picture perfect!
    You must have really enjoyed putting the finishing touches to this gorgeous room.. Now the thing is.. How long can you keep it this tidy??


  21. So pretty Niki.

    How can you resist spending all your time in there.

    What a great makeover, please begin making your lovely bags soon.....


  22. It looks so beautiful that I think I would be scared to work in it!
    Yes the big blue and yellow place does still sell the box frames.I have used some to display my girls first shoes in.They are just the right size.

  23. It's just as fabulous as I imagined it would be, you lucky girl! xo, suzy

  24. Anonymous2:08 pm

    The fabric stash shelf with the teacups...I just want you to mail it all to me...I'll have to check out your shop. How about a bunch of fat quarters of those fabrics???? You have such a great eye for gorgeous colors and prints. Vicki at hollyhocks.typepad.com

  25. Wahey! Go girl! What a lot of hard work and what a wondrous space to play!! You are such an inspiration! No time to reply to all our comments - just get on that sewing machine and make us some more goodies! Now, how soon can I justify a trip to the four-lettered store for some of those display boxes.....mum won't drive there on her own - it's outside Norfolk - so if I just tell hubbie I'm only going to taxi poor mumsie........ :-)

  26. Wow - I am so jealous. That is an awesome craft room. I'm going to go right now and get a shovel to dig myself a basement. Although, in this Arizona desert, the ground is too much of a challenge to even try.

    What a beautiful decorating theme you've used. You are really talented and I love your blog.
    Kimberly Miller

  27. I love everything about it! Oh my, I think this is how craft-heaven looks like! What a beautiful pile of fabrics! And all those pretty boxes... absolutely fabulous!

  28. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Niki, I am drooling on my keyboard. I love,love your crafting area, the dolls, the flowers, the linens & flowers. I love all of it!! You are one lucky girl.

  29. Hi Niki, it all looks so absolutely stunning! enjoy your new space.

  30. Anonymous8:38 am

    Hi, what a great space! However be warned now its so tidy you will not want to start any projects because you wont want to spoil how nice it looks. Well done the pair of you, oh how id love to have a basement, and chickens!!! bye for now Fred.

  31. Niki, you may just have the most beautiful workspace I have ever seen. I would be inspired everyday just walking through the door to this little haven. Gorgeous!

  32. Niki, that looks soooo cozy! I love it. I wish my craft room looked as good as that one, sweet chickadee. Alas, it's an abomination.

  33. Oh, Niki! I'm sorry, but that makes me sooooo jealous! I hope you enjoy your new digs...Have a good weekend...Katie

  34. Hello Niki!
    Your new place looks wonderful; everything looks great!!
    Hugs from Argentina...

  35. ow what an amazing craft/sewing space you have am very slightly (read extremely lol) jealous!!!!

  36. Anonymous7:24 pm

    It's wonderful! You both did a terrific job. How can you not be inspired to create in such an environment? Happy crafting/dreaming/relaxing. :)

  37. Anonymous7:49 pm

    oh niki! i LOVE your new work space - you are so lucky!!!! it's fabulous =) debbie

  38. Loved the tour of your studio... How envious!! For now, I am stuck to the kitchen table...

  39. Anonymous3:08 am

    What a gorgeous place to work in! So pretty and organised... just lovely! I love the words in the frame, a lovely reminder when we all live at such a frantic pace.

  40. Wow Nicki, your new workspace in your basement looks amazing and I adore all the things that surrounds you over there! And, oh my! My mother bought some of those display boxes many years ago, too! At that blue and yellow Skandinavian store!!! And I guess she don't need them any more so I should try to get them from her!!!!

    Happy sewing!

    P.S.: I love your aquilegias on your previous post, too!

  41. Oh my goodness!
    This is the best work space/craft room I've ever seen.

    Have you been in a magazine, yet?
    Because you REALLY need to have this room in a magazine.

    I love absolutely everything about it. Especially that washstand.
    I know you will have fun working in that beautiful room.

    Kimberly :)

  42. Niki, it is absolutly STUNNING!!!! I love every single thing about it.... I especially am loving that shoe organzier thing above your sewing table and your beautfiul fabrics!!! wow!

    Your sewing box is perfect to store your scissors and things inside...great idea and a perfect shape!

    Hope you had a good visit with your inlaws, xoxo heather

  43. How cute is that? I love the window box thing.

    Why does your husband dislike IKEA so? We don't have one nearby, so when I get to go it's a big deal. (My inlaws tease me about it! But then there are 2 Ikeas near them in Baltimore...so not fair!)

    Great job on that room!

  44. Oh my! I just discovered your blog and absolutely love your new studio! You are one lucky girl!! I am jealous!

  45. Gorgeous room! I love what you have done!

    And I esp. love your framed Victorian religious print...stunning!

  46. Niki!! Your workspace is a DREAM!!!! I love it so much I want to keep looking at your photos over and over again ~ I'm so very happy for you having everything together in one space ~ just beautiful!!! xxoo, Dawn

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  48. Niki~ I cannot think of a prettier place to work. Your special sewing room is the best and just delightful and so very tastefully done. Love your wall of fabric stash and all of the pretty floral fabrics. Job well done!!!


  49. How organized you are. I wish I were. You inspire me.

  50. Anonymous9:36 am

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