Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Stopped Play...For a While Anyway...

Pretty as the snow is, it couldn't have come at a worst time for me really...Hubby and I had booked a van for this weekend to deliver all my stock to the shop. By Thursday we could see that the snow was here to stay for a while, so we reluctantly had to cancel (I've re-booked for mid-week next week) The shop is on the Market Place with no traffic going by, only pedestrians, (although it is OK to drive on for deliveries) - so even if we managed to get all the way to Shepton Mallet, the chances of us getting anywhere near the shop with a van would be remote.
Youngest has had snow-days from school since Wednesday, so has been at home.
And Hub had to take our eldest daughter to Heathrow airport on Wednesday, for an early morning flight out on Thursday to Montana, U.S.A...Where I'm sure they cope far better than us with their huge snowfalls and minus temperatures!

Anyway, yesterday I finally made it over to the shop for the final push before moving stock in.
Lights were put up...
And shelves were too...


Leaving plenty of room on the walls to display the vast array of framed prints and paintings that I have in stock.
I spent a couple of hours on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and now it looks like new. I was then able to unroll the large rug that has been stored in hubby's office for the last few months. It's a gorgeous 1930's carpet, a little frayed around the edges, but even more beautiful than I remembered when it was unrolled onto the floor.

Its pretty floral design is just my style, and a real novelty for a girl who doesn't have a single carpet in her house! ;-)) I can't stop walking on it!

Then it was time for the more fun and faffy bits! - always the best part of a make-over, isn't it? - doing all the twiddly bits and playing!
I cut an old lace tray cloth in half to create little pelmets on the front doors. I stitched a channel along the top and threaded them onto tension wires.

For the larger windows to the side I used a heavy appliquéd net bedspread to make two false curtains and pelmets.
It was very tatty and full of holes, making it uneconomic to repair, so I bravely took the scissors to it and again stitched channels across the tops of each panel.

Hooks were screwed into the wooden frames, so that the curtains could be scooped back...
and held in place with a silk rose.

I was looking to create a romantic style, to reflect the feminine stock that I like to offer for sale, but not to obscure the windows too much, so that I can use them as display areas.

By this time the evening was drawing-in, so I had to take a few photos in artificial light.

The final task for the day was to hang two c1950's rose printed curtains - one to screen the kitchenette and one for the fitting room.

The colours in the fabric match the paintwork throughout the shop just perfectly...a very happy accident, as I just happened to have this pair of curtains and have used them in the past in my daughter's bedroom.

(Fitting room below)

So, fingers crossed that the snow that is forecast for later today doesn't come to much, and that I will be able to move stock in later next week and be in a position to announce an opening date for all of those who have asked when it is likely to be.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep warm!
- Our chickens recommend only having one foot on the snow at any one time, to try to keep warm! They are NOT impressed by the white stuff at all!!
Niki x


  1. Anonymous12:03 pm

    It looks amazing Niki, and really look forward to you opening. Let's hope the snow will not delay you and all goes well, good luck x
    Maggie x

  2. Guenievre12:06 pm

    Hello from France !
    I really love the old carpet ! C'est une merveille ! And what beautiful curtains !
    I understand it's not to easy to drive with all this snow. I like snow but I hate driving on snowned roads ... J'espère que vous allez réussir à emmener toute votre marchandise dans votre boutique le plus tôt possible.
    En attendant, il ne nous reste plus qu'à admirer les paysages enneigés.
    Bon dimanche !

  3. I cann see that your shop is going to be amazing and only wished I was closer!

  4. Niki,

    The shop is coming on so well, it will look so pretty, that mat is really nice and your wee net curtains are very sweet. Looking forward to seeing the shelves fill with stock, if you get time I'd love to see some photos when the stock is in.

    All things nice...

    All things nice...

  5. So annoying to be held up like this, but the shop is looking lovely, just waiting for all your stock!

    We watched a pied wagtail using the same trick as your hens yesterday - we have snow too now!

  6. That shop is going to lok lovely. I hope one day when I visit I can stand on your lovely carpet?

  7. Wow it's looking great.
    Twiggy x

  8. Oooh! Looking good Niki!
    I love your window dressings but, then I'm nuts about lace and roses anyway!
    I'm going to have to have a trip down your way when I have the time and dosh and you are open of course.
    Won't be long now love!

    Sandie xx

  9. It really is looking beautiful Niki. The curtains and rug are stunning and I can just imagine how perfect your stock will look in there. You must be very proud of all the hard work you've put in and I have no doubt at all that it will be a success. I'm really looking forward to opening day!x

  10. Oh Niki it's all looking absolutely gorgeous!Love the fitting room! I bet you can't wait to move the stock in!
    Good Luck!
    Rachel x

  11. The curtains you made are lovely. I can't wait to see everything in its place.

  12. I've really enjoyed following the progress with your shop and of course the best bit is yet to come - the opening!

    Fingers crossed for you for better weather next week!

  13. Oooh Niki, it's looking great, just how I imagined it, very Nostalgia at No 1 and I can't wait to visit! Will keep everything crossed for NO snow!
    Hen x

  14. It's looking so lovely ...I especially like the rose tie back on the lace curtains. Good luck with the preparations.

  15. Julie Bell4:25 pm

    I cant wait now for the snow to go...Im useless at driving in it and feel trapped indoors. I cant wait to pay you a visit Niki. Shop is looking totally exquisite already goodness knows what it will look like when its full of your treasures, see you soon. Julie x ps CK watch out!

  16. Hi Niki!

    Oh my gosh.........I am tickled to pieces for you. What an exciting time. Your little shop is going to be so sweet. I so wish you weren't a million miles away. I would be your very best customer.

    Congratulations and best wishes....

    Warm hugs from across the pond.


  17. JackieM4:54 pm

    How exciting Niki, the shop is looking just gorgeous, fingers crossed for no more snow. Your chickens advice seems very sensible to me! Jackie M xx

  18. It looks BEAUTIFUL, Niki! How excited you must be! Those lace curtains you've made are gorgeous, and I adore your 1930's carpet!

    An old school friend of mine lives and works in Dublin, and he shared a photo of the same snow that you were experiencing. He was humored over the fact that Dublin didn't have a solitary snow plow or sander (another New Englander adjusting to life across the pond). ;)

  19. It looks wonderful, Niki! You've worked so hard!
    If I lived nearer, I'd be visiting every day!
    I can also imagine how fabulous it will be at Christmas, peering through those lovely windows at what's on offer!
    Hope all goes well for you .

  20. Hi Niki, this blasted snow!!!!!!!
    The shop is coming along beautifully, and the rug is gorgeous!

  21. I'm just loving seeing England covered in snow on all of my British friend's blogs!

    Can I come live in your shop? Please? Soooo pretty!!!

  22. It's looking really good, Nikki; you must be very proud! x

  23. looking good!
    can't wait to see it with the stock in!

  24. As they say...all good things are worth waiting for,though it must be so frustrating to do so.I do hope you can move stock in soon.. you must be bursting to get going now!The interior is going to be absolutely gorgeous with your flair and imagination.


  25. The curtains look so pretty. You're about there, girl! Sorry the snow is slowing things down a bit. Those poor chickens. I wish I had chickens. But the new bank across the street might not take to it much!

  26. Anonymous8:36 am

    Wow it's looking so pretty and special.. the town will be so glad to have such a smart and welcoming place to tempt the shopper in! I love following your shop story and can't wait to see it filled with heavenly things. All the best to you, you're gonna do really well, I know these things :-)
    Love from Debra (AllThingsPretty) now in Oz x

  27. Hi Niki

    It all looks lovely, and at least you've had a chance to get all the basics in place without rushing! Shall be over asap. Fingers crossed for van day.

    Sue xx

  28. It is really taking shape now Niki, cannot wait to come over to see it when you open!!! Liz xxx

  29. How exciting!Can't wait to see all your merchandise in!
    Love the curtains.

  30. Wow Niki, your shop looks really nice !!!!
    I'm so ansious to see her fully of your creations.
    Regards from Spain (we have a lot of snow too!!!)

  31. Your shop is really starting to take shape and I look forward to seeing new photos as things progress. I am so very happy for you!! I love the pic of the chicken in the snow!!!! You're having more snow than we are here in NY !! :)

    ~ Wendy

  32. Niki, thank you for sharing this adventure with us! We get to live it out through you, and that's such fun! Good luck on your opening!--Cheryl

  33. I am enjoying reading about all of your progress so very much. I dearly wish that I could visit your shop some day. I just know it will be absolutely beautiful when you are ready to open!
    Since an actual in-person visit is just a dream for me, I will continue to enjoy it through your blog and all of your lovely photos!

  34. It's coming together!!!!

  35. Oh everything looks so lovely what I wouldnt give for my own little shop..I could happily live in that room...Sorry I havent been in touch..things are very difficult, I think things will feel better after the funeral.


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