Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea Time Treasures.

Last week I had quite a long chat with Julia, who I mentioned on my holiday post had opened a lovely vintage china shop in Polruan, about there being a general lack of (what I consider) pretty vintage china available in my usual Somerset hunting grounds these days.
It never used to be so difficult to turn up beautiful rose adorned Victorian pieces, delicate Edwardian bone china tea sets, or the more retro three tier cake stands that once only ever had a handful of interested buyers. I put it down to the sudden fashion for vintage style weddings and other such events; people are collecting for their own celebrations, or there are the businesses that have been set up where its possible to hire such treasures, and who have stockpiled the stuff.
(I've said it before too - There's A LOT of 'vintage girls' down here in Somerset! - We're all chasing those elusive rose painted tea cups! ;-))
It is good though, that more people have finally seen the merits of reusing vintage china, rather than it all laying forgotten in attics.
AND, after me saying there was a lot less around lately, I did turn up a few lovely items on my latest buying trip this week!...
Chamber pot and large matching water jug, probably from around the 1920's.

A Victorian wash bowl with beautiful rose transfer print.

And was I ever surprised to discover this dainty cup and saucer?!...Looks like a certain town was a popular tourist destination back in the day... ;-))

Hopefully you can make out the gold lettering - its a souvenir piece and reads - 'A present from Shepton Mallet'!
A sweet coffee pot for two, with needlepoint design.

Cake plate with pastel flower pattern.

And an adorable assortment of tea plates...perfect for adding to a mis-matched tea set (ideal for a vintage themed wedding! ;-))

Oh, and one rather stunning Deco clock!
These are the trinket boxes that I bought from Julia last week. (Someone once told me that these were used on the dressing table as a place to put the stray hairs removed from a hair brush after use. The hair could be just pushed inside, through the hole in the lid. ? Not entirely sure if that is true, so if you know otherwise, I'd love to know.)
UPDATE 9pm: I've had two confirmations that these are indeed hair receivers! Thank you ladies for your feedback.
I've added a bag full of dried lavender to each of them, which can be emptied into the pot to scent a dressing table area or bedside cabinet.
A few other bits and bobs came my way this week...
Three school posters.
An original water colour painting by a Douglas Cooper. I've 'googled' him, but have come up with nothing, so assume he was a talented amateur and not a famous artist with his works worth millions! ;-))
I'd enjoy looking at this cottage and garden hanging on my wall anyway!
Then there's this, which I love...A framed title page to some vintage sheet music. Beautiful Charmaine found her place in my shop today, along with everything else.
There have been a few disappointing developments on Shepton's high street recently, but I am keeping optimistic that these won't have a negative effect on my small business...
Plus on a much more positive note, work has begun to renovate the ancient Market Cross which stands just outside my shop. The scaffolding tower and security fencing went up just before I closed for my holiday...
Then this week the sand blasting got under-way and the mellow stone is coming up a treat. I'm so pleased that enough money was raised to save this beautiful ancient structure which has stood on the Market Place since the 1500's...
It deserves to stand for many more centuries.
I'll reveal all when the work is completed in a few months time!
Finally I'd just like to mention the V&H Fair's Vintage Jumble Sale that will take place this Saturday. I shall be there (with my Mum) and with my mixed jumble of bargains!...Hope to see you there if you can make it. Full details can be found on my website under 'fairs' or via the V&H blog.
My shop will be open as usual, as my capable hubby has offered to play shopkeeper for the day.
My Mum and Dad are coming to stay with us as from Friday, so I may be off the radar again for a few days. We want to make the most of their time with us, as we usually only manage a visit maybe two or three times a year...And they do have a very special great-granddaughter to meet for the first time too! :)
(This is my gorgeous girl, cradling her gorgeous girl; taken when wee-one was just a week old.)
Summer is a busy time for all I think, so have a lovely weekend - whatever you have planned,
Niki x


  1. Gorgeous images as usual Niki! A wander through the posts on your lovely blog is like taking a step back in time... something I have done a lot of in my novel 'The Time Sculptor's Secret'.
    Looking forward to seeing the ancient Market Cross after its facelift and I do hope your parents have a wonderful time seeing their new great-granddaughter... how exciting for you all!

  2. Lovely rosie post, hope the treasure seekers flock to your shop and to the Vintage Fair.
    Your parents must be so looking forward to meeting their great-granddaughter for the first time.
    Carol xx

  3. I love your clock! What a beauty!

    I've always thought those type of trinket boxes were hair receivers too, but I might be wrong too! lol.

    Have a great weekend. x

  4. Yes, those are hair receivers. My grandmother had one on her dressing table, where she would put her lovely auburn hair from her brush. The ladies would save the hair and make it into a 'rat" to add to their Victorian hairdos, making the familiar pouf of the time. What a lovely group of photos you have shared today! They make me want to go to a summer tea party.

  5. Thank you all for your comments.

    To Donna and Debby, thank you for confirming what I had been told...I had wondered in the past why anyone would want to collect the hair, but it all makes sense now! The power of the www...I love it!
    Niki x

  6. Hi Nicky!
    England I miss him already so much.
    Visiting your blog is always a
    A kiss to the small and lovely girl.
    Dear best regards, Maria.
    (with translator)

  7. Great post! Strange idea - hair receivers - had not heard of them before! Love the posters.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. I always love seeing pics of your shop! If I lived closer, I'd be dropping by quite a bit to poke around to see what I couldn't live without! ;-)

  9. What lovely items you found! One wouldn't know that there's a shortage of pretty china items in the UK. You should come to the states -- they're hardly selling at all here (at least in Michigan).

  10. Lovely finds as always Niki. So pleased that the market cross is being restored/repaired.Great piccy of you g'daughter. xxx


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