Friday, December 16, 2011

Vintage Cutie

Just a quick post this evening, as I wanted to show this little fairy doll that arrived for me at my shop today, bringing with her my friend Jill! ;-))
(The baubles in the background are some that I have been working on today - they need some German glass glitter sprinkled on them, so I'll show them on my other blog when they are complete.)
Back to fairy...Isn't she adorable?! Love those fabulous eyelashes!...And the turquoise tinsel... Just my colour.
Thank you Jill, I love her...
It was lovely to see you too, of course! ;-))
Have a peaceful evening,
And a great weekend, (Tree trimming, gift wrapping and mince pie baking for me.)
Niki x


  1. awww she's cute, although she looks a wee bit surprised?! ha

  2. What a 'cutie'.
    Carol xx

  3. Is that the look she gave you, when she realised where you were going to put the top of the Christmas tree?!!!
    So cute!
    Z xx

  4. Bit of a scary look but in a cute way!
    Gift wrapping for me too this weekend, loads to do and havent done any yet!

  5. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Hi Niki,
    What a cutie!
    Have a lovely festive weekend x

  6. I never pictured a ferry as a guy - unusual. Mince meat pie - no one in this generation seems to make them here anymore. My grandma made them every Thanksgiving - oh, how I miss her cooking and her sweet smile.

  7. how adorable- love the face!


  8. I love eccentric fairies! Good luck with all preparations and have a happy weekend. Jane x

  9. A beautiful gift. She looks adorable. Sue x


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