Friday, November 23, 2012

Pulling Out All The Stops!

I often see antique decanter stoppers for sale on my buying trips to flea markets and fairs and have been determined to come up with a use for them (other than their intended use, that is! Having said that, they do look lovely pushed into any glass bottle that may need a lid, such as those for bubble bath, or even pushed into spice jars to make them look a little bit special.)
I've bought a few stoppers on my travels over the year and yesterday I finally made use of two of them...
I was inspired by the little c1920's powder puff in my collection - as seen above left - which is a  puff with a little wooden handle painted as a flapper girl.
I have made powder puffs many times before (see here, here and here), but have never used a glass decanter stopper as a handle for one!
Required: a glass stopper, piece of antique velvet, length of lace, polyester toy filler and marabou trim.
I gathered up a large circle of velvet (mine was salvaged from a c1920's skirt) and filled it with the polyester filler. A rosette of lace was made by running a gathering thread along one edge.
I wasn't sure if the glass stopper would end up being too heavy for the puff, and would tip it up, but I found by using plenty of filler and making the puff of a generous size, it seems to work OK.
I glued the stopper inside the puff and hid the glue and stitches with the rosette of lace. 
A little piece of pink antique velvet ribbon decorates the glass stem. 

VERY boudoir! 
I plan to make a couple more using a pale velvet, and cream lace and feather trim. I shall bring them with me to the Vintage & Handmade Fair on Dec. 1st. 
Niki x


Shingle Cottage said...

Oh wow Niki!
I have seen you conjure up some magical pretty boudoir bits and bobs over the years but these really take the biscuit!! Stunningly beautiful and they look so old,oh i am in love,gorgeous! xxx

ted and bunny said...

oh my, it makes me want (yearn and long for) a dressing table that I could call my own, and slather with such delights as this powder puff!
Meanwhile, back to the reality of a magnifying mirror on the bathromm windowsill...

KC'sCourt! said...

That is gorgeous, who would have thought to do that with a glass stopper.
Julie xxxxxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a fabulous idea Niki!

Christy said...

Brilliant idea, so chic.


popsy said...

Niki, Absolutely lovely, Lynne x

Jo said...

Fabulous stoppers Niki. I hope you are not affected by the floods I saw on television last night. Best wishes.

Людмила said...

You are a big dreamer! This is great!