Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Notes from Nostalgia

The old French chair that I mentioned on my previous post just might have found a new home with a lovely lady who is able to see its potential and who can do it justice with a bit of re-upholstery magic.
I'm so pleased. I had been spending the odd half hour here and there, chipping away the modern brilliant white paint which had been larded on to it and which was hiding a lot of the carved details. First I discovered a lovely Swedish grey beneath, then a French blue and finally here and there I could just see the odd flash of its original gilt finish. 
Now I can leave it alone for its new owner to enjoy, and I'll imagine how it will look once its been transformed with some beautiful fabric.
Found some vintage alabaster lamp bases for the lace shades I made the other day
I'll be taking these to the V&H Fair next Saturday. 

How cute is this?! 

And as snow begins to fall again outside...some ruby red tulips to brighten your day...
Have a great one,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous11:31 am

    Hi Niki
    Fantastic chair & adorable shades.... I hope to make it to the V&H on Saturday. What a cruel grandmother you are making the little cutie do the washing up!
    Bye for now Frances

  2. Niki the chair is divine!
    You have the cutest Granddaughter and she is so lucky! She gets to play in your lovely old doll house.
    Your tulips look beautiful and we are white over here and still falling.
    Stay cozy xxx

  3. those lampshades re adorable..!

  4. Oh, how I would love to see that chair all finished up! I think it is going to be fabulous! :) That little washerwoman is adorable! ;) Looks like she was having fun!


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