Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Treading Softly...

Having reported on my blog a few weeks ago, how I felt many things at home had started to wear out (me included! ;-)) I was very happy to find a lovely old carpet runner at my local flea market that very week! It was a great price, was going to be just long enough, was in perfect unused condition and was the right colour too!  
Hubby has done a wonderful job fitting it properly with spongy underlay and traditional stair rods.  
I had quite forgotten how it feels to walk on good quality carpet! Having bare painted floorboards throughout our home, I'd become used to always wearing a pair of slippers in the wintertime. 
Its now inspired me to think about the smaller staircase down into my workroom...
Yes, I could get used to a little luxury  ;-))  

Whilst I'm here, I'd just like to show the lovely cake that my daughter made for boyfriend for Valentine's Day - They've been together for 1 year! Awwww... 

Hope you are having a lovely day - I'm getting things finished and packed up ready for the V&H Textile & Fashion Fair this Saturday...I'll be back with a post soon, to show some of the pieces I've handmade for my stall.
Niki x
Update: Belinda has used some of my daughter's wedding photographs in a post she has edited for the Kilver Court Designer Village here. :)  


  1. I love your stair carpet! :) We'd love something similar, but our stairs are a bit of a mess and need covering with boring carpet at the moment.


  2. The stair carpet looks stunning Niki and I love the stair rods, your hubby has done a fabulous job. That cake looks yummy. See you on Saturday.
    Jo xx

  3. The stair runner looks fabulous (so does the cake!), what a great find!

  4. What an amazing find and what a brilliant job your husband has done.It looks so beautiful. x

  5. Can't believe you found this. It is perfect,your stairs look so cosy now.

  6. The stairs are gorgeous! Your husband did a beautiful job. Also, I just hopped over to your other blog and the antique satin damask bags are really lovely. The velvet lining is just perfect!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Stairs look great!

    Kay x

  8. Wow! What a great find! Perfect color, perfect length . . . the flea market planets were all in perfect alignment for you on this one!

  9. Wow - that stair carpet is wonderful! And as for the yummy cake ...!! x

  10. What an amazing find!! It looks beautiful Niki :)

    I now have stair envy as I live in a bungalow!! :) :)

    Have a great week lovely lady. x

  11. That stair runner is lovely, and what a neat job your lovely hubby has done fitting it. :-)

    Sue xx

  12. A very lucky find, its gorgeous.

  13. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Love. Your new stair carpet,such a great find. Your daughter cake looks scrumptious :) xxx

  14. love your carpet and love your blog!


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