Friday, May 16, 2014

Crazy for Cushions!

A recent purchase of two fabulous vintage fabrics has been the inspiration for some of my latest handmade cushions.
This barkcloth panel, printed with mounted huntsmen, came from Sue...
And this one was a bit pricey, but I just loved the 30's colour palette, so it too came home with me - Bought from a dealer I know who makes regular trips back and forth to France. 

Cushion 1
I used sections from both of these fabrics to make a large bed pillow-sized bench cushion, teamed with a vintage hand worked tapestry panel.
I am reserved - Thank you!

For the back I used a traditional Sanderson floral print and made tie fasteners to close the opening. 

Cushion 2
An 18" square cushion of a similar style with another vintage hand worked tapestry panel and the 30's hunt scene fabric. 

The reverse is a hard-wearing Sanderson linen in the Woodbridge design. 

Cushion 3
I decided to make another combined only with Sanderson floral fabrics, so as not to over do the hunting theme...

The reverse is a design called Chatsworth.

Cushion 4
A simpler pillow cushion, but in a stunning vintage fabric printed with wisteria blooms, is perfect for the season...

I am reserved - thank you! 
Cushion 5
Made from an awesome c1970's hand embroidered panel, featuring meadow flowers.

I used a satin finish vintage floral fabric for the reverse, which I was able to purchase from a little independent shop whilst in Devon.

Cushion 6
Another vintage hand-stitched tapestry features on this summery pillow -
It's combined with a 50's fabric at each end...

With a Sanderson cotton for the back. 

Cushion 7
Then came some more smaller sized cushions.
This one is made from a collection of rare French antique fabrics.

I used a soft velvet for the back.

Cushion 8
A 50's fabric, simply made into a square cushion, for a classic vintage look. 

A fabulous hand embroidery of a peacock on linen made up the front of this cushion. 
Cushion 9
I combined it with a vintage Horockses barkcloth for the back.
Some of these will be coming with me to the Vintage and Handmade Spring Fair, Chipping Sodbury on May 31st.  
And finally I took a little time out to make a patchwork cushion for myself. I used some of my favorite fragments of 40's Sanderson prints, to coordinate with the other little scatter cushions in our summer house...

Wishing you a happy, sunshine filled weekend,
Niki x


  1. You've been a busy girl! Those cushions are lovely! And I am still in love with that pretty white chair! :D

  2. Love the cushions; go perfect with Mr Bs' glass tankard with hunting design that he picked up recently.
    But the wisteria...I love that even more! So beautiful. Really would like one in my garden, but really haven't a space left to plant one. Such a shame.
    Z xx

  3. #5 pillow is my favorite of the pillows not reserved already. If you ship to the States, could you quote me a price in USDollars and advise me of shipping/handling costs, please.

    My email is

  4. Hi Teresa,
    Many thanks for your interest in the cushion. I have had an enquiry about this one, with someone wishing to see it at the fair I am attending on the 31st...If she decides not to go ahead with the purchase, then I shall let you know. I can ship to the US, but would have to remove the cushion pad from inside, as it is too large to ship, and is feather filled (some restrictions on natural materials entering the country). The size would be 20" x 30" if its possible to buy these in the US?

    Many thanks, Niki


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