Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Flower Fairies

31st May 2014
Original Vintage & Handmade Spring Fair
Our garden has been inspiring me to make some brightly coloured, summer styled fairy dolls, which I hope to have finished in time for the fair next Saturday. I'll post some pics when they are done.

Have a lovely week,
Niki x


  1. Ok, that does it . . . schooch over, Niki, I'm movin' in! (I think I've told you that before! :D)

    What a lovely garden! What are those purple flowers (nos 8 & 9 of the flower pics)?

  2. Beautiful flowers so much colour.

  3. Hi WQC - Thank you for your comment on my blog - You are always so kind! :)
    The purple flowers are a Clematis called Diamantina which I planted back in 2010 and its doing very well:

    You could move in as we may be putting our house on the market later this year!! ;-))

    Niki x

  4. All very nice. I like it

  5. Stunning garden! Especially the unusual looking blue clematis (It is a clematis right?!)


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