Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Sprinkling of Fairy Dust...

As a fairy-maker myself (and maker of lots of other things besides!), I find it easy to appreciate the work of other artists, designers and craftspeople, knowing the time and energy that goes into producing the end result. When I can, its always nice to buy a treat for myself, knowing that I'm supporting a talented person, as well as becoming the owner of a special one-off piece.   
Last week a present to me arrived from Lynn Barron of Sea Angels.
Wrapped in a sheet of printed sugar paper was a hand decorated A4 box... 
A sprinkling of fairy dust on the lid gives a clue as to what's hidden inside...

Lift the lid and another lovely layer...
Black chiffon ribbon tied in a bow around polka dotted tissue, with a special handmade paper rosette with vintage trims.
Lift the tissue and all is revealed... 
Lynn's words: vintage style fabric/card fairy with sparkly butterfly wings and a vintage layered dress.
Her beautiful dress is layers of vintage French softest old turquoise, vintage gold raggedy crushed , and silver twinkly tulle and a tiny diamante head dress....that will bring her magical sparkle to the dark Winter months. 
Her wings are twinkly with glass glitter that will vintage and tarnish naturally.

Here's my winter fairy in our home, hanging from an old French mirror. 
Lynn tells me "she's all twinkly and has been bathing under the last full moon, she loves chocolate and is a little shy but will be most happy living in your beautiful home.."
What more can I say?!
Except it's wonderful to own something handmade when it reflects its creator's passion and love for their work and materials.  
Niki x


  1. Lovely, thoughtfully done packaging and such a sweet introduction to the newest addition to your home! :)

  2. Thanks Willow - Lynn makes beautiful things...I love shopping in her etsy shop.
    Niki x

  3. Gorgeous!
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Hi Niki, These are so lovely. One managed to negotiate her way all the way down to Cornwall last week and as you say even the packaging is gorgeous. Lynne xx

  5. Dearest Niki
    I am thrilled with your wonderful blog post...will you be my manager please xxxx. Your lovely words are made even more precious because I know what clever hands you have and all of the beautiful things you make and style that I swoon over.
    I am so delighted with your lovely post about your Fairy
    Thank you so much
    Hugs and waves
    Lynn xx


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