Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Make to Mend

I'm still struggling a bit with a lack of mojo, so to put things in perspective, I decided to get-on and make a rag doll for a friend... 
I don't usually make these dolls anymore, as stuffing the limbs hurts the old lady's wrist these days ;-))
But my friend has a lot of troubles, so I wanted to try and cheer her up a little with a surprise. 
This is Claudia, who I have dressed in a patchwork of antique and vintage French blue and white checks and prints. She also wears a pure white cotton petticoat and bloomers with lace edgings. 
I'll be wrapping her up carefully and getting her off in the post tomorrow.

It certainly helped to put me in a better frame of mind and released a bit more creativity...
I gathered together a pretty assortment of vintage supplies to make another 30's style hat stand. 
I've been saving this beautiful woven silk ribbon for a while now, wondering how best to use it. I gathered it by hand to make a cloche hat and trimmed the edge with a sequined braid bought in France. 
I also decorated the hat with a vintage button and velvet flower applique motif.

She's attached to an old chippy gloss painted wooden lampbase.
The fluffy marabou feather boa hides the join. 
Thanks for stopping-by...
I hope all is happy in your world, 
Niki x


  1. Your friend is lucky to have such a kind and thoughtful lady like you ....xx

  2. Claudia looks like the perfect friend to listen to all a person's troubles. She can't fail to put a smile on your friend's face, she looks so sweet.

  3. Dear Niki, how beautiful your creations are again. I love how the doll is dressed and am sure she will do her job ;-) And that hat stand! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Your doll is gorgeous, I'm sure your friend will absolutely love it. Love the other project, you have inspired me on how to use my faces
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Niki, your friend will adore her new doll and will appreciate the thought and love that went into her. You have such a fabulous and unique style to your work your creations are amazing and so clever. Love the new hat on your stand creation she looks fabulous now. dee x

  6. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Well Niki, if these two projects are anything to go by... You've definitely got your 'mojo' back, both items are lovely.
    I've had a day at home today and merely painted a suitcase... Please take a look, your comments are always appreciated.
    Stay warm, Frances


  7. Oh I love your sweet faced hat stand and the doll you made your friend is adorable also
    I have a couple yo yo dolls with a face similar to your hat stand, I need to get creative and redo them, I'll add that to my list where it is LOL

  8. Claudia is really beautiful Niki,such a kind and thoughtful friend you are..I love how you decorated your little hat stand too! the ribbon is really gorgeous and she has lovely bright blue eyes,you had a good days stitching! xxx

  9. So glad to find you blogging again and with a new website! Love it. Also, soo glad to see you sell online again!
    Can't wait to savor it all when I have some spare time.

  10. Hi Monica,
    Thank you for your visit and comment.

    ?? I never stopped blogging? - I have been posting for nearly 9 years now and average over 100 posts per year - sorry if you've not been able to access it...

    Hope you are happy and settled now - we hope to move if we can just sell this house...



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