Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bluebells and Buying...

I took Mum to our local woods on Tuesday - The bluebells were just beginning to flower, along with the primroses, anemones and violets. 
Just a few photos I took along the way...

There's also been a bit of vintage shopping going on this week....
2 cute little books...
Silvery spoons and sparkles...

China pretties...

A vintage handmade bag...

Scrumptious unused 50's dress fabrics...

An adorable little posy vase that is now sitting on the shelf in our hall...

 A closer look! 

 An awesome c1930's evening coat... 

 And a beautiful Victorian papier-mache powder box with swansdown puff, and an antique boudoir hat brush.

Sorry, I'm still struggling to get to grips with the new way of composing posts on Blogger, so I'm afraid this one is a bit all over the place! - 
Do wish they could just leave things alone!! After 5 3/4 years here, I'd just about got into my stride! ;-)) 

Finally, two things I'd just like to mention:

If you'd like to read a preview of issue one of Pretty Nostalgic Magazine, (out May 1st) then take a look here.

And a 'new kid on the block' - If you haven't visited already, here's the link to a new blog  Whispers From Angels.

Have a lovely evening,
Niki x


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  2. My primroses are all in bloom and I am so delighted that they came back from last summer and have doubled in size. Wonders of a non gardener.

  3. The woodland plants look lovely. Hopefully I might get to visit our woods for a walk this weekend if the rain stops! I love your blue and green dress fabric.

  4. Vintage fifties fabric...caught my eye for sure. I hate change and everything does. Maybe someday we won't remember how it used to be.

  5. Beautiful bluebells and wonderful finds Niki! I grew up beside a bluebell wood and they are magical places.
    I'm being driven bonkers by blogger too. I can't find or do anything!!!
    Jane xx

  6. Beautiful post Niki....Soo love your vintage finds!!

  7. Your woodland walk looks beautiful Niki!

    I adore your vintage finds, especially the fabric, the little feather brooch, and that adorable little posy vase!!

    Happy weekend Niki.
    Take care.
    love Donna xx

  8. We've been away (celebrating our Silver Wedding) and so I haven't been down to the wood at the bottom of our garden, you've reminded me that the bluebells should be out in there too.
    We saw thousands of primroses in North Yorkshire last week, so lovely.
    Some nice vintage finds. I found a sweet china toadstool pomander last week, I just love it.
    Carol xx


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