Thursday, January 03, 2013

Confessions of a Fabricaholic

Thank you to all who left a comment to my post and gave your opinions of Facebook - I am left a little confused as to what to do for the best, as it seems some have had bad experiences. I have actually had a business page on Facebook since 2011, but have not really spent time updating it. I have now started to do this in order to keep advertising my little shop. I shall only be using Facebook as an advertising tool, and not for the 'friends' side of it, as I want to keep as anonymous as possible - I'd find it difficult to devote the time for this side of things anyway. I am grateful already to those who have welcomed me there and have 'liked' my photos. (There is a button on the top left of my blog's sidebar which will take you to my pages.) 
I need to keep my little shop up and running for at least another two years. (Someone once told me that it takes around five years for a shop to become known, so I am over half way there.) It is hard in these unstable economic times, but all in all, 2012 was a good year for me, so with hard work and more determined efforts, I hope to keep in business for the next few years to come. It is sad, but it has become clear to me, that I cannot rely on those who should have the town's best interests at heart, and so if I want to succeed, I have to continue to work hard and welcome all those who come to visit. Shepton Mallet is hanging on by its finger nails, and in my opinion will struggle to regenerate in the foreseeable future, but that is not to say that those of us who have our small businesses there, cannot survive. I open three days a week, which allows me time to hand make my stock in-between times, source vintage/antique stock, and also work towards vintage fairs once a month or so. 
So, for now I have decided I need to keep my blog open in the hope I can keep potential customers interested in what I do, and to encourage some to visit one of the oldest towns in Somerset. I shall use Facebook to keep information about my shop up to date, with less emphasis of this on my blog. I don't know if it was just me, or my PC connection, but I struggled to upload any quantity of photographs into a Facebook photo album - they freeze and stop mid-upload. It is much quicker these days to add photos to Blogger, so I need to stick with what will save the most time. I'll just cut back on the amount of posts this year and try to keep them interesting.
Anyway, enough of all that - I hope those who visit here over the year will enjoy my postings. 
Now for some pretty pictures! 
I've spent the last couple of days giving my workroom a much needed face lift. Was it ever messy?! ;-))
I've swapped some of the furniture around to give me more practical storage space and a little area to work when I have gluing projects. 

Under the stairs now looks like this...
Lovely Scheurer fabric in the door panels :)
I've tidied all my ribbons and trims...
Using the cards made for me by Maria.

The biggest blitz though, was going through all of my antique and vintage fabrics...
'Baby bunting' - a gift, made by the talented Hesta of Green Glamour.
I've been very brave ;-)), trying to decide if each piece of fabric in my collection would ever be used by me...If its unlikely, it has got put on the 'to go' pile...
For a fabricaholic, this has been difficult, but very good therapy, I think! ;-))

The pile now stands at approx: 3 feet high. I will be bundling these up and offering them for sale at two of the fairs I have booked so far this year.
February: The Vintage & Handmade Textile Fair - Chipping Sodbury.
March: The Vintage Bazaar Textile & Rag Market - North Cadbury.
I shall be adding the details of these events to my website and blog's sidebar shortly.    

You can't beat a tidy workspace, can you? I'm looking forward to making lots of new items over the coming months...just hope I can keep my area tidy in the process!
Happy January,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki,

    Blessings for the New Year and 2013.
    Just reading again your previous post, and I love reading your blog and would miss it, but you must go with your heart. I personally don't "do" facebook or twitter and never will do.
    Hope to see you soon. Thanks for your e-mail.


  2. Lovely workspace. Will you come and help me sort mine.......?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Wow - impressive tidying!! Well done. Your workspace looks great now. Leominster (Herefordshire) where I have a unit in a vintage shop) has just put its car park prices up :( - not exactly enticing for customers!

  4. Hi Niki and a very Happy New Year,
    Sorry I am behind with blog reading as we've been away so missed the whole blog/Facebook thingy. I would really miss your blog, please don't give up, I don't really like Facebook, dip in now and then mainly to reply to people who like to use it, and I don't really know what I am doing. I am amazed at what some people post on there about their private lives!
    Wow, such gorgeous images today, your workplace looks heavenly and no doubt some fantastic creations shall emerge. It's definitely the season for tidying tho I am fed up with it already having spent most of the last 24 hours putting decorations away and clearing up!
    We must visit you in Shepton soon.
    Hen x

  5. Happy New Year Niki. You have definitely inspired me to go and clear out my work room now, it's a bit of a dumping ground at the moment! Lovely pics. See you at the V&H in February.
    Jo xx

  6. good luck with all you do. We are and always will be admirers (and were we nearer, customers). So here we are wishing you a most happy new year. Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

  7. I highly recommend Niki, do not leave the blog,
    Fb is not even remotely attractive
    as Blogland, I have it, but I do not like,
    I find it very cold there is not as romantic air, the same comradeship that we can be on our blog!
    Happy New Year Love Susy x

  8. all your fabric and most gorgeous creative room!!

    How beautiful! Please don't give up blogging so much as I really look forward to your posts Niki. They are beautiful and so full of freshness!

    Happy new Year to you and yours Niki.

    Take care, and kind regards,
    Donna x

  9. So impressed with your beautiful work room - you can't help but make wonderful stuff here! I'll be tackling my room in a few weeks, decorating as well as blitzing it, and you've given me the kick I needed, so thanks! Having just retired, I'm just venturing into crafting to sell, and starting to look at craft fairs, etc.

    I'd really miss you if you disappeared from blogland, but quite understand your dilemma. I'm hoping to make it to the next vintage fair, and persuading my dds to come, too. Have a wonderful 2013.

  10. Wow,Niki,So much fabric.I feel better about my own addiction.You work studio looks glorious and you have inspired me to get off my lazy backside and get cracking in my own work space.My problem is I have too many things on the go and consequently have too much stuff.With regard to Facebook you will find it really good as a marketing tool.I have two friends whose businesses have really improved by 'sharing' photos of their makes etc.I think Facebook can be a bit facile and I wasn't sure at first but I do see the value of it for getting 'out there'.It's also great for keeping in touch with far away friends.Embrace it,Niki- I think it will be brilliant for you as your work and shop are both amazing and the world should know about it.(Please don't stop blogging though.)There would be such a hole in blogland!!
    Anne x

  11. Hi Niki.
    I am happy to know that my things are in your beautiful home!
    Please do not leave the world of the blog, your blog is so beautiful and it makes a lot of company! ;o))
    Your calendar is already hanging in my kitchen ... wonderful!
    I have facebook, but I do not like!
    Good job dear Niki! *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  12. Oooh fabric heaven....... What an amazing stash!! X

  13. What a stunning workspace Niki. It feels so good when you have a good clean up in your work area, doesn't it? I did a big clean up of my work space on New Years Eve. So that I started the new year with a clean slate :-) I am hoping to start filming my own on line classes in 2013. I will be teaching stumpwork embroidery.
    Hugs Elizabeth xx

    Hope you had a safe & happy new year & may 2013 be a great year to all.

  14. Wonderful work space and love your fabric collection. Great news that you will continue your blog! I wish you every success as you continue to do what you love.

  15. I would love to have a workroom just like yours! ! ! Lucky you to have all that gorgeous vintage fabric! It looks lovely all perfectly stacked and just waiting for you to give it a new purpose in life! :)

    Glad to hear you will still be blogging! :) *yay* :)

  16. Hi Niki, Happy New Year to you and your family. I have followed and loved your blog over the past 3years and I am so pleased that you are going to continue. Your drive and commitment to making your business a success is truly wonderful. I love to see what you are making, what you have found and the very beautiful images of your home. I don't often leave comments but I certainly read every new posting you make. Not sure if you remember but we came into your shop on our way back home to Cornwall 18 months ago now. My purchases still give me the same day to day pleasure as they did the day I bought them! Best wishes to you lovely lady Lynne

  17. Hi Niki, my comment about FB did not appear and I had no time to write it again but agree with all what was said and am so thankful that you continue blogging! That date 23rd Feb is in my agenda this time. I shall come back and ask for details if you don't mind. Have had a quick fix of shopping yesterday in Canterbury in that fab sewing shop and had wonderful F&C under a slightly blue British sky, what does one need more? Left at 5h in the morning and back after midnight. Beautifully arranged work room, I adore the tidiness and love how you store things. You must have covered the drawers on the white desk yourself with fabric, so gorgeous!

  18. Wow, you have been busy, that's a fabulous fabric stash you have there are everywhere looks fine and dandy, only wish I could say the same for mine !! Your posts are always full of lovely pics for us to drool over and I for one would miss them. If only your little shop were a bit nearer to me.....Lucey x

  19. Hi Lynne,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog - I DO indeed remember you from when you visited my shop...Its lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kindness.
    Niki :)

  20. Love that you'll keep blogging. I hope I'll manage to visit your brick- and-mortar shop this year!
    Fingers crossed :)

  21. If you are anything like me each time you pass that pile you will keep rescuing pieces!!

  22. Looks great! You are an inspiration to neatness. Kit

  23. Just what is it about vintage fabric that makes us into addicts for the stuff? I'd be positively drooling over your floor to ceiling collection Niki - Wow! I bet there are some bits there that you just can't bear to cut up and use. Here's hoping you have a good year's trading; catch up with you soon at a Fair somewhere...... x

  24. I am drooling over your fabric stash! The room is adorable & has given me ideas to freshen up my work space. Diane in VA-USA


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