Monday, September 11, 2006

Bloggers a car boot sale?!!!!

Well, the weather was beautiful yesterday -perfect to be out and about and meeting new friends...which is what I did. Sue, over at 'Vintage to Victorian' (see my links), recommended a car boot sale that she was having a stand at. Never one to turn down the opportunity to have a good rummage at a car boot, I thought it sounded great. A little more upmarket than your average boot sale, though!! This was held in the grounds of Yarlington House!

I had read on one of Kelly's posts from 'vintage lifestyle' (see my links again), that she hadn't had much luck at the car boot sales that she has attended recently, so I suggested she try this one. Well.... here we all are, we managed to meet up! It was lovely to meet you Kelly! (What a nice lady she is!) And to see you too Sue, who I already know from antique fairs- you always have lots of tempting vintage lovelies for sale!! (You are a nice lady too!)

I have been trying to publish pictures of my purchases, but have given-up for today, as Blogger is being difficult AGAIN!...will try tomorrow!


  1. Hi Niki, How super - the three of you look great! But who took the photo?!!!

  2. Thanks, Niki! I knew I should have taken off my glasses!! It was great to see you and to meet Kelly. Whilst I think of it, there's another charity event - for St Margaret's Hospice, at Baltonsborough near Glastonbury on Wednesday 18 October. This one is an antiques fair. I don't have any more details yet, but I'll endeavour to remind you nearer the time! - Best wishes, Sue

  3. It was a great day Niki and I really enjoyed meeting you both so much! I am going to take some pics of my purchases tomorrow and post them so everyone knows I finally got to great boot sale!

  4. Hi Clare- Hubby came with me to the car he was the photographer!
    Thanks for the tip Sue- that sounds like another good fair! If you could remind me nearer the time, that would be great!
    I look forward to seeing your photos Kelly.....

  5. Oh I live too far North! no other bloggers live near me! and your car boot sales look amazing!

  6. We went to a car boot sale this weekend, first time in ages, everything is so cheap in comparison to antique fairs and flea markets. We came home with a bag full of buttons, chains, sewing stuff, it was brilliant.

  7. What a beautiful place and what fun to go to a boot sale there! I wish I could have gone :(
    I love those French photos!


  8. Hi Niki,how wonderful that the 3 of you where able to be at the same car boot. I wish that some bloggers lived around here too.......

  9. Great photo of the 3 of you! Looks like you've had lots of fun and I'm sure some good finds too!

    Oh Gena don't cry you're not alone! I also have no fellow bloggers living near me, even more far away in another country *sobs*

    Niki I hope you don't mind if I'm adding your blog to my favourite links?

  10. Thanks Carol, I'm honoured! -I must add some more links to my blog....Niki.x


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