Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Trip to Norfolk

I've been visiting my parents in Norfolk for the last few days. They live in an old house called the 'Well House'- to the right of the photo is the well.

This is my Dad in his vintage car.

I also visited a car boot sale whilst we were away!! Sorry, but I can't pass one by! I shall post my photos tomorrow, of the treasures that I found there! (Blogger is only letting me post two photos today!! Grrr!)


  1. Grrr at blogger indeed!

    Welcome back Niki!

    Your parents old house looks gorgeous and I also like your dad's car a lot!

  2. Oh that car!!!! I love it so !!!

  3. Nice house, and oh what a car! :)

  4. I just actually spoke with an antique dealer about an hour ago and she mentioned the car boot sale thingy...I thought I was fairly savvy....NOT...never had heard of it now I hear about it twice in one two hour period of time...I posted today about the anniversary of HRH Diana...you might enjoy it.
    Nice to meet again.

  5. Ooohhhh forgot to say ...now that's my kind of house!!!!

  6. Welcome back!
    Your parents have a beautiful house, and the car......so great!

  7. my parents live in norfolk too. it's such a lovely part of the country...i'd move there in a shot! just seeing the flint on your photo instantly transports me there.

    that car is fabulous! hope you got a ride in it...looks like it has a very proud owner, it's in such beautiful condition.

    if you can recommend any good car boot sales in that area i'd be grateful ...even any flea markets. (you sound like a lady in the know!) i'm always in the norfolk shops but haven't ever been on any treasure seeking trips. x

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments, my Dad will be chuffed that you love his car so!!
    To Nesty, The car boot sale that I visited was held at Banham Zoo. (Sunday mornings.) There was a mix of stuff, so be prepared to look through everything! It is held throughout the year, as there is an area under cover. I shall ask my Mum if she can recommend any other hunting grounds!


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