Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Simple Lampshade.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you may remember that I bought a length of vintage lace at Bath's American Museum fair. I had some left, after using some at one of my windows, so decided to revamp an old lampshade. This is very simple to do....

Firstly measure the lower circumference of the lampshade to be covered and add approx: 15cm. Cut the lace to this length, then stitch the two short ends together, right sides facing.
Next create a channel along the top edge, all the way around, leaving a tiny gap in your stitching, in which to insert a drawstring. (You can use elastic if you prefer.)

Pull the drawstring up to fit the top opening of the shade and tie off. Place this over the shade, making sure it sits evenly. The advantage to this, is that it can be removed for washing, if it gets dusty.

I love the way that the pattern in the lace shows as a silhouette when the lamp is switched on.

Perfect for your boudoir!!


  1. Wait now, I'm catching my breath again...good morning, what a sweet post to read at 6:00 a.m.

    Somehow that doesn't look as easy as you make it sound...but adorable.

    I'm loving Clare's new post.

  2. Perfect and very beautiful!

  3. This is so beautiful and the drawstring is brilliant. Clarice

  4. Thanks for the idea! Now I know what to do with my white lampshades :)

  5. Niki, Where DO you get your inspiration from? The lampshade looks fantastic. I just wish I had half your ideas ... I had hoped to update my blog after the car boot but I've just run out of time this week - and I'm still gathering up my grand enamel purchases! Sue

  6. That looks really nice!

  7. Wow....simply are so creative!!

  8. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Im on my way for the material the look I am after to make my room more special and to hide my starting to get tatty lampshades

    Thankyou for your inspiration.

    Janey x

  9. So beautiful! Maybe I'll try this once! Thank you for the clever idea! :)

  10. very beautiful! I love the idea!

  11. Absolutely stunning! This is such a beautiful lamp now!



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