Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One man's trash....

Here are my latest finds from the Car boot sale that I visited in Norfolk...

An old tin full of vintage buttons, that I can use on my handmade bags....
A diamante necklace, two vintage brooches, some hand crochet lace edging and some small blue glass buttons...

An original oil painting in a pretty oval frame, two framed prints of nostalgic garden scenes and a foil picture of a crinoline lady...
A small Cornishware pudding bowl and a vintage toffee tin...Oh, the memories I have of these...

A sweet little wooden cupboard with mirrored door and it's original key and a hand crocheted 1940's snood.....
An enamelware colander to add to the collection in my kitchen- I also bought some other enamelware for use as garden planters- all for just 50p each!

I now have several projects to be getting on with...just need someone to invent the 36 hour day!!


  1. Another brillaint sale for you niki! look at all those lovely things. Isn;t it fun to come home and check out all you got? I love that bit!

  2. oh my..... "I must own that"...a famous quote from a good friend...did I ever tell you that you are on my favorites links???

  3. How fabulous Niki! I am frightfully envious of that snood!

  4. I love all your finds, especially the vintage brooches, lace and buttons and I'm sure you are making a tresure out of that little cupboard!

  5. I am intrigued by the oval landscape; what an unusual shape, and it looks well painted too. Good haul all round!

  6. Long live bootsales I say! Good finds Niki :-)

  7. Tin of vintage buttons looks good. Must get off to some car boot sales!

  8. Now that original oil in the oval frame would look good in my house! I so much loved Somerset when I visited in 1977 when I was a teenager.Really miss the old English antiques.Lovely finds!!!

  9. Hello to you Niki from Australia, I am so pleased to be dropping in to visit your blog tonight and will enjoy many return visits. I loved very much the photos you have here on your finds......they are so very much what I too would enjoy looking around for and my home is filled with vintage pieces we use every day.

    If you have a moment to visit I welcome you to my blog and if you go back a little you may enjoy the pictures of my vintage collections.

    have a wonderful day I am off back now to your blog to read more.



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