Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm sure you must have all seen this incredible blog post by the immensely talented Sandra Evertson, where she created a remarkable 'crows cage' masterpiece.

I particularly loved the 'little bitty lacey winged ones' as she called them and was inspired to make my own version. I had a tiny antique bisque dolls body, just 4cm in length, so added a caterpillar-like body, using wadding, tulle and beads.

I then embellished her with vintage lace wings, glitter and pearls.

An old wire lampshade frame was covered in a Victorian cream lace sleeve, which I stitched in place and then added a row of assorted glass beads along the lower edge.

Lengths of narrow lace tied in a bow, synched it in at the top. And then my 'flutterbug' settled on the front!

Little flying creatures often seem to be attracted to artificial light, so I think she looks quite at home there. It now stands in front of my curio cabinet which is filled with vintage floral hats and whimsical collections.

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Not sure how I happened on to your wonderful blog. But love all the wonderful things you post about. I feel so inspired to create. I love to sew. When I see old fabric with flowers it seems to call out to me. Jealous that I can't shop the flea markets with you in UK. Our thrift stores/ yard sales and fabric houses will have to do here in the United States.

  2. Very sweet Niki! xo, suzy

  3. Oh Niki! She's the sweetest!!! Such a tiny little doll transformed into such a grand treasure! =)

  4. I love, love your little lamp : )

  5. Niki,
    It's enchanting!!
    I love Sandra's blog too!
    You have a great weekend yourself.

  6. This is just SO very sweet, I love your blog and wonderful creations, will be back soon for another visit!!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  7. I have seen those flutter bugs of Sandra's they are gorgeous. I love the way you have Niki ..fied yours {:o)). The Lamp is absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't it look fab on your dresser.

    best wishes Ginny

  8. Hi Niki, yes lovely sunshine, and I'm stuck indoors! Yes, all the things around the crafting seem to take more time than the crafting itself, don't they. I think I got more done when I worked full-time - maybe that's the answer :-(
    I've never much cared for bugs but your flutterbug has changed my mind - it's sooo sweet.
    Enjoy the sunshine!
    Lucy x

  9. What a gorgeous little winged creature.. and so original!
    I would love to swap houses for a day and live amongst your home of visual beauties..
    I doubt you would want to stay here though!!
    Maybe you could do a radical interior design job whilst you are here..!

    Sorry I haven't replied to your lovely email..
    Tomorrow I plan to catch up ..

  10. Niki she is beautiful. She reminds me of a creature from that wonderful film "Fairy Tale", have you seen it? I love the effect of her silhouetted against the lamp, beautiful

  11. Jackie M12:14 pm

    What a beautiful flutterbug Niki, only you could create such an original beauty. Love Jackie Mx

  12. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Sandra's creation was wonderful wasn't it? I'm sure she would be delighted to know that it had inspired such a lovely lampshade. This really is lovely Niki.

  13. ooo, so many beautiful things..i love youre lamp!!

    Hugs from Sweden!!!

  14. So cute!!! Love the little Flutterbug.

  15. Niki, this turned out so sweet! Love her silhouette against the light of the lamp! Great job!!


  16. Hiya
    Wonderful blog, you are so creative!
    Your home looks like a lovely, cosy place too.
    have fun with your creations and I'll visit again!

  17. I love the little lamp, and how your flutterbug stands guard over your other whimsical treasures.!

  18. I love this Niki! Looks so cute!I would love to try my hand at making a lace lampshade cover too. yours is so lovely!

  19. Hi Niki

    Well done you for spotting that red check lampshade. I hadn't even noticed it there!!!

    As well as the idea of a textile fair I'm wondering whether we should have a blogger's day?!

    Sue x

  20. What a beautiful lampshade! You've made a little piece of art of it!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!


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