Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Well I had made plans for the weekend, but they didn't entirely come to fruition...The garden was calling to me for most of Saturday, but I thought I would quickly tidy up my middle daughters bedroom first. She left home for uni last weekend taking a lot of her things with her, but her room was still left in turmoil. It's a funny L-shaped room, but there's really no need for it to be. There is wasted space on the landing, which could be knocked into the room...she had always refused to have it done, as it would mean that the loft hatch would be in the bedroom, which she said would be spooky!

I've always allowed my girls to have their bedrooms as they like; in fact my daughter painted her bedroom herself...those who know me would know that the bright yellow wouldn't have been my choice! ;-))

Let's just say, for a small room, it was particularly untidy, despite half the contents now being in a halls of residence over in Wales! It took me pretty much all day to have the room looking clean and tidy. We've decided that after Christmas we shall indeed be moving the wall and door, which will create a square room. I'll then be able to redecorate and finally say goodbye to the yellow...I'm hopeful that daughter No.2 will get used to my choice if she only has to see it during the holidays, and the extra space she'll have will hopefully make her see that we were right to change the layout of the room.

It takes a bit of getting used to having two spare bedrooms now...things are certainly a lot quieter around here...
It takes a bit of getting used to only buying enough food for 3 as well...ooops! ;-))

Anyway, moving on....the gardening didn't get done on Saturday, as the blitzing of the bedroom took a lot longer than anticipated.
It's a beautiful day today though, so hopefully when the dew has dried off the hydrangeas, I will be able to harvest them this afternoon...

I did find a bit of time for some thrifting.
Amongst my finds were a 'few' buttons! ;-))

Some lovely old glass Christmas baubles.

A little Carlton Ware dish, sadly missing its china spoon, but I always feel these are worth buying for the box alone! LOVE those colourful flowers on the lid.

And some vintage textile pieces including an unusual embroidered linen cushion cover with tufty flowers!

Another project that I had planned for the weekend was to create the china flower garland on my old mirror. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions as to what adhesive I should use. Many of the flowers had long china stalks on the back, which would have been difficult to glue down in the position that I would have liked. In the end I decided to try regular linseed oil putty; which of course we didn't have any of at home, so the project was put on hold until I was able to go out yesterday to buy some. Last night, whilst hubby was out for the evening, I settled down with my pot of putty, knife and china flowers, (and my 'Miss Potter' DVD playing on the TV) and had a go...

The putty meant that I could embed the stalks into it, which did seem to work well, but I have no idea if it is actually going to be successful, as it takes between 21 and 28 days for the putty to dry!

So although I have created the garland that I had in mind, I don't actually know if the putty will hold them all in position.

I shall just have to be patient and leave well alone for a few weeks. If it has worked, then any putty that is visible will be given a touch of green paint to disguise it.

I'll let you know if it turns out to be a complete disaster!

And if it does work, then I think it will make a pretty dressing table mirror for my daughter's bedroom when it receives its make-over next year.
Have a lovely week,
Niki x


  1. Wow, the mirror looks fab, I do hope it works. Love that tufty flowers linen. As you might know, my sister and I have fairly hefty Carltonware collections, in particular Adele has an amazing collection of those little butter dish and spoon/knife sets, it's her "holy grail"! The lid is lovely, I agree. Adele painted a picture of it for me years ago which hangs in the spare room and she's currently trying to make the design into a tapestry too. Busy busy, all of us girls!
    Hen x

  2. Attila12:05 pm

    Wow! That's a gorgeous mirror; I do hope it works. If it does, I'll be buying half broken posies as well as the good ones; what a fabulous idea.

  3. The mirror looks wonderful. If ever I saw that many buttins I would absolutely be in heaven, I have always loved buttons and beads, I find them so tactile

  4. Hi Niki

    The mirror looks beautiful, you have done such a great job with it. Fingers crossed that they will stay put and that putty will do the job.
    I really like the carlton ware dish with the box. The picture on the box is so beautiful. What a great bit of thrifting!
    What a lovely view with those hot air balloons in the sky.
    Isabelle x

  5. I enjoy your post so much. They are like reading a good book as you story tell your way through any given moment or day. You have such beauty that surrounds you. What a delightful way to live. I've been blessed also by the peek of your treasures. Waving from Washington...raindrops fall light today.

  6. The mirror looks gorgeous!! I knew it would!! I LOVE the vintage Christmas ornies you found. I have a bunch of them that I found at an Estate Sale. I'm going to list them in my Etsy shop soon. Thanks for the wonderful post, as always!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  7. Your mirror is a work of art l realy hope the putty works and l think you will have inspired many bloggers to have a go l know l woukld like to try it if you don;t mind but first l have to find the posys and that could take some time. As usual a very full post with lots to read and pretties to see many thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Pat

  8. Oh, buttons! I had some luck with French buttons (again) this weekend, but I think it is possible that I could never have enough. This is quite an ununsual weakness, perhaps..?

    I really hope that mirror works, as it looks wonderful!

  9. I love it, I am sure your daughter will be pleased with what you have done. I hope the putty sets and doesn't cause any problems

  10. Your mirror is looking stunning, Niki. And you did find just a "few" old buttons, didn't you? lol Have fun with your daughter's room project. We have an endless list of projects here as well. The first one I think I'll be tackling is to refinish the kitchen cupboards (now that I have a quiet house during the day)!

  11. Hello Niki,
    I love and find great inspiration in the way you allow your daughters to be themselves in their bedrooms. That is really lovely. The mirror is stunning. I would love a beauty like that to peer into. I look forward to seeing what you make of your daughter's room. (My mother was always saying we would always return as soon as she had reclaimed our rooms!) xx

  12. The mirror looks lovely Niki you are clever...I collect carlton ware and have never found any in charity shops...infact I have never found any in a lovely box...they remind me of my childhood, Mum had a fox glove basket that she ket fruit in and I broke it, but dad glues it together and for years it was an ornament with all the UHU glue marks...I wonder what happened to it...happy memories...love H

  13. It's amazing how quick we can get used to those two empty bedrooms. I speak from experience.

    I love your finds (buttons are my thing) and the mirror looks lovely. Hope the putty works!

  14. What a transformation on that mirror I think we'll all be on the lookout for posies now...I,m sure my mam has a couple somewhere... Lucey x

  15. Oh I do sympathise Niki - my daughter has gone off to uni too & the house is much quieter & emptier than it used to be.
    Her room still looks full though, even though she took two car loads with her!

    The mirror looks lovely - hope it does all stay in place.


  16. Love the mirror and those vintage Christmas ornaments! I had to laugh at your comment about your Ms. Potter video! I feel so much better now! I love the movie and I am such a Potter fan that my poor husband has to sleep in a "
    Beatrix Potter" themed bedroom!

  17. The mirror is beautiful! I do hope that the putty works. Please let us know in a few weeks.

  18. Hey honey! Well done you getting straight down to sorting the room - can't wait to see the makeover - more building works?!! You're barmy! LOvE that mirror! t.xx

  19. I love your china roses mirror! I hope it works!!


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