Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tick Tock

The summer seems to be drawing to a close, with the evenings creeping up ever earlier each day. The nip in the air that comes with the autumn season is there more often than not and I've been feeling the need to be inside and knuckling down to some sewing...
Life has been busy here at home and just recently I've not known which way to turn. I have been mulling over thoughts in my head and I've also been out and about trying to make sense of where I want to be...but usually end up going full circle.

Our youngest daughter was back at school again last thursday, but our middle one is still at home. She starts uni towards the end of September. In the mean time she is producing huge artworks, taking over most of the kitchen(!), as well as sorting out her worldly goods for car boot sales and charity shops. She is the untidy one of the family, so whenever she's on a mission, it usually entails the whole house being turned upside down and we're all left climbing over things! ;-))

I'm supposed to be sorting out the house for important visitors coming on Wednesday next week - I need the house to be spick and span to make the right impression...I did try to put them off until our daughter was at uni, but it just couldn't happen that way.

I have been productive too, sewing some pieces for the next Vintage & Handmade Fair, and should have plenty of stock for that again in November: including 5 large rag dolls so far, some huge squishy cushions and an assortment of pretty low-cost stocking-fillers.

I've also sourced a fabulous collection of must-have vintage treasures to supplement the stall, which I hope will solve some of the visitors Christmas gift dilemmas.

All of this recent activity does mean that my on-line shop has once again gone some time without an update...I'm sorry to those who have emailed asking when my next lot of dolls will be ready...

Perhaps for now you can enjoy these pictures taken from The London Illustrated News from Dec. 1919, when shopping looks like it would have been a lot of fun...I'd love to scoop up some of the costumes and accessories from that era that were advertised at the time.
Just realised that this is my 400th post! I thought I had neglected my blog somewhat, so unless someone else has been writing my posts without me realising it ;-)) - I guess I've been more industrious than I thought...
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Good day from Washington State. I am Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland (my world of gnomes, elves, dogs and creativity...hmmm). Your title of your blog captured my attention. So happy to have "arrived". I will visit often...beautiful and magical...400th post? Wow oh wow!

  2. I really enjoy your blog! Happy 400 posts! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Another lovely blog, I love those adverts.

  4. Very excited to see what you have with you at the fair Niki! I'm sure I'll spend all my profits!!I'm popping to Bath tomorrow for the fashion/textiles fair..if you go give me a wave!

  5. Happy 400th post Niki!

  6. Wow 400th post!!! Congratulations Niki!

  7. I have a metal chain purse that belonged to my grandmother like the ones featured in your pic in the newspaper.400th post!I've got some catching up.


  8. I love the old adverts they are so glamorous. Can't wait to see all your things at the fair. I bought quite a few things from you at the last fair including a lavender bag and tea cup pincushion. I put these by for my friend Debbie's birthday and gave them to her last week. She loves them and has posted some pictures of them on her blog 'homethoughtsfromvintagewants'.
    Ann x

  9. Four hundred already? Love all those adverts. Enjoy the fair today.

    Sue x

  10. Congratulations on 400! I,too, collect vintage women's magazines-love the advertisements.

  11. Congrats on your 400th post!

    I too feel a bit "topsy-turvy" at the moment. I'm not quite out of holiday mode just yet but my thoughts are turning to the V&H which isn't THAt far off! I'm looking forward to seeing your treasures there.

    My daughter is off to uni too in a few weeks & I'm really going to miss her. Sniff!


  12. When I saw your collection for the fair.. I started to panic.. I have only just started gathering and as Jayne isn't that far away..the weeks are flying by and before we know it we'll be queuing up outside the hall again.

    Don't wear yourself out in the will need all your energy to cope with the crowds.. !!!

    Michele xxx

    P.s Hope you had a wonderful day on Friday. I did miss you all!

  13. Lovely to see you today, those piccies look like my perfect shopping experience! Lizzie xx

  14. Love your post of the adds.. So many sweet one to.. 400 posts..THat really is amazing..Congrats..

  15. 400 that is quite an achievement, well done and congratulations

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