Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Boudoir Babe II

So much to do...and so little time...but just wanted to share with you this gorgeous gal! Oh la la!

She's a little worse for wear, but I think I like her all the more for that...she's lived, and you can't help but respect that...the years have ravaged her silken gown - sadly, the fact that she sat out in the rain all day at the flea market last Sunday probably didn't help - but that's another story...
She's dried off now and is enjoying a little bit of r&r in our living room.
Talk to you soon...must fly!
Lots of love, Niki x


  1. Poor thing, left out in the rain like that! She still looks gorgeous!!

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  3. She is so pretty, what a wonderful find! She will fit in very well in her new home. You know, I forgot all about the Shepton Flea, too engrossed in painting!!! I was so disappointed. I had planned on popping down for an hour or so. It wasn't a very nice day was it...
    I hope that you have enjoyed the summer holidays with your family.
    Phoebe comes back today from having been away for a week. I can't wait to see her again!
    Will be in touch re possible dates for the mirror shortly.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  4. Hi, just had to leave a note for you to say what a beautiful blog you have here. Interesting, creative posts and great pictures as well - perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes...

  5. Isn't she a gorgeous thing and obviously has a story to tell!

    Victoria x

  6. I know how she feels.....I was camping on Sunday night and it rained and rained!

  7. Beautiful lady!! It's great when you make a find like that. We went off to Shepton mallet on Sunday ... why is it always wet when we go:)& came back with goodies. Must get my camera out soon.
    Lesley X

  8. What a beautiful doll, and the look in her eyes, so deep...I hope that she will enjoy your livingroom...
    My best wishes
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  9. Isn't she wonderful?

  10. Ah but she is one smart girl. She must have known the weather would turn and wore her waterproof mascara. I like a girl who's prepared for anything.

  11. i like what Sarah said about the water~proof mascara...too funny...she is lovely Niki!!!

  12. I think she's just lovely. Now she will have a wonderful home and be cared for properly. Some days I feel like I'm a little worse for wear too. Someday I will be tattered and hopefully somebody will still love me.

  13. Oh Niki...she's BEAUTIFUL to me!!!! You find the best TREASURES! I love that you share what you find....wishing you a wonderful week ahead :) xxoo, Dawn

  14. Hi Niki!
    How elegant lady!

    Warm greetings, Matilda

  15. ...I know the feeling we got drenched in the rain walking in the dales yesterday....

  16. Gosh, I wish I looked as good after being out in the rain all day!

  17. How funny..I saw her there at the fair and was very tempted but had nowhere to put her. I'm so glad you brought her home, she looks fabulous there!

  18. This is a really, really incredible doll. How do you have such talent??
    María Cecilia

  19. Great doll .... love her face. She would look great with my collection. You can send her to me.
    :o) Sue

  20. she's got a real sense of faded elegance about her! i like her! fliss xx

  21. Oh she is amazing! So glad she won't be left out in the rain ever again.


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