Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My New Man!

Hubby has very kindly driven me all over the Cotswolds today in the search for new stock for my shop...

We've visited villages and towns, shops and cafes - Regular tea breaks are vital to keep your chauffeur happy, you know!

So why am I feeling so guilty this evening? Well, I confess I fell in love today...with another man...

Our eyes met across a crowded junk shop and that was it...I had to bring him home with me! Hubby thinks I've gone slightly bonkers and can't understand my I'm hoping for some reassurance that some of you may think I've done the right thing...Please meet my new man, Harley....

Hubby has agreed that he can live with us tonight until I can take him to my shop tomorrow ;-))

Don't you think he's handsome?

Of course I have something to prove now and hope that I can sell this rival to my affections quickly, for Hubby's sake! ;-))

I shall be taking my new man to my shop in the morning, complete with the hat that I also bought for him today. I wonder if he will turn any more heads, of the non plaster variety? :)
Tee hee...
Niki x


  1. Oh, he is terribly handsome!! What a fabulous find. I can only but dream about finding something that special! He is perfect for your shop. Heidi

  2. Niki - I LOVE it ("HIM")! Now that's a safe man to fall for! He looks charming with his seat belt on, too. How fun to have tea in the Cotswolds with your REAL man!

  3. He's quite a looker! It will be good to have a masculine influence in your oh-so-feminine shop until he leaves you!

  4. Niki, he's great!
    Love the smouldering good looks.....!
    D x

  5. Oh Niki - is he a gentleman or can he be bought? He looks the sporting type who would like a flutter ( from my eyelashes). What's his starting price - do tell. I fancy he may be in my stable by the weekend. Will email you!

  6. S M O U L D E R I N G.

    With a touch of a look that says

    'Let's go dancing, darling'


  7. He seems to have a bit of a long face but lovely eyes!! but I do love his name...Lucey xx

  8. SO glad I found your blog today--so much vintage faulousness! I'm a vintage-loving girl, too, so I'll be back often to see what you're finding...hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. Oooo he's a handsome devil isn't he! I'm sure some lucky lady will take him off your hands and your hubby will be happy again. Good luck! Maura

  10. Hahaha he is rather dashing, with a far away look in his eyes!

  11. "Harley" could be my dream man, he doesn't speak and is a captive audience! LOL!
    Have fun with him!


  12. He is definitely a hat man too!

  13. Niki, My day was so difficult at work and this evening I read your blog and instantly my spirits lifted. What a fun item, certainly a conversation piece that will attract lot's of attention. Enjoy!

  14. Who could not resist such a handsome chap!!
    I would've been smitten too Niki..
    He is enough to brighten up a dull dull day!


  15. My kind of man, doesn't speak or answer back!
    Nicky xx

  16. He's got a sort of enigmatic smile...a la Mona Lisa.
    I think he will be a great addition to the shop!

    Bellaboo :o)

  17. A new man? Well, that title got me clicking on your post double quick!
    Hmmmm, not quite my type, but what fun you can have dressing him up. I especially like the pattern at the base - is that supposed to be chest hair? xx

  18. He's a very dashing chap Niki! No wonder you fell head over heels!


  19. When I heard his name...before seeing his face I thought you had bought a motorcycle!!! haha!
    He is gorgeous :)

    (phyllis :)

  20. Hi Niki
    I also have a new man in my life who arrived two days ago and my hubby also thinks I am quite mad. My new man is 'Mr Gillette' a display head from a 1930's Barber shop display stand. Harley is very handsome and I don't blame you for bringing him home with you. Love these old display heads they are so fab!
    Jo X


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