Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring in the Shop

Last week I sold the lovely green painted table and separate mirror, so had been on the hunt for something to replace it. Luckily I came across this very functional set of cream painted drawers, so was able to fill the corner quite quickly once again.

They could work well as a bedroom dressing table, or as storage elsewhere in the home, as their simplicity is their virtue.

I've displayed a large collection of coordinating vanity accessories on the top, from a lovely china dressing table set, to barbola mirror and a fluffy 30's powder puff.

The shop has been rather quiet this week, so I used the time to have a good sort out of the other 'boudoiry' bits and bobs on the shelves.


I've sold some of the glassware this week, so will be looking for more of that at the weekend.

I've also been making some new hand bags - I used C19th French toile fabric mixed with antique lace fragments and I added a special vintage button to fasten.


This huge Art Nouveau china bowl has been added to the bathroom area, along with some assorted sea shells.

And another recent best seller has been the colourful 1950's hats...

So I shall be on the lookout for some more Easter bonnets!

I've been collecting a few other Easter inspired items - mostly with a daffodil theme, so will show you those tomorrow when I add them to the shop - I intend to do a spring window display in the front window to try to attract the Friday market customers to pay me a visit too!
Niki x


  1. Hello Niki...oh it's so hard seeing all your wonderful things and not be able to go in and check it out in the flesh. I'm still holding out for one day getting over to England again. I used to have a gift shop in a little ski village in the mountains of British Columbia Canada...I LOVED it. It was called Tradewinds and Treasures. It was all new items but with an old fashioned style. I think I would have LOVED to have a shop like yours..where it's vintage items and antiques...right up my alley! I used to change my windows often and so many of my regulars would come in to see what I had 'new'...just because things were moved around and the window was different...I loved it. Love the replacement dresser and the display on have such great style! Thank you for sharing this today...Take care. Maura

  2. Oh! So wonderful! I wish I could have a closer, in-person, look around... Your shop is on my travel list! =-)

  3. It all looks beautiful (as always) I have a bit of a green & yellow & daffodil theme for my stall at Shepton this weekend too! There must be something in the air! Hope you have a BUSY couple of days. xx

  4. Ooooh, a close up of that yellow hat would be welcome.
    I love looking at your photos. I love the way your shop is crammed (in a delightful way) with so much to see. xx

  5. Hi Niki! Your shop looks beautiful all decked out for Spring! I love the toile bags and everything else! Happy Spring!!!

  6. Oooh,it's all such a feast for the eyes!

    Bellaboo :o)

  7. wonderful pics again!
    Good luck hunting at the weekend.

    Sandie xx

  8. Anonymous5:29 am

    I love popping in to see your new displays and gorgeous finds... the shop looks so wonderful, all that hard work is paying off :-)
    Love from Debra in Oz :-)

  9. Hi Niki....
    Truly wonderful, everything!!!!!!!!!
    A dear greeting, Maria.

  10. I have never before seen so much loveliness contained within one wonderful shop! I so wish I could find such a place where I live! OR be able to find some of these treasures like you do! I love to stop by your blog, see what's new and dream. Continued success with your new venture.

  11. Everything looks so darling, I wish I could come pay you a visit. I hope things pick up more for business. Have a wonderful weekend. Please stop by for a visit. XO MARY

  12. Hello Niki, This is my first comment although I've been following you for years! I love your 'look' and your shop is going to go from strength to strength - I just know it!

  13. Hi, love your shop .I wish I was nearer to you ,I would be in so much!could I ask you do you ever get any of those push along plastic fox terriers in,by triang I think? the lady at the vintage Magpie has one ( think she bought pram from you? I f you do get one could you let me know over at my blog, i wouls LOVE one!! best wishes.Linda.


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