Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Finds From Far and Near...

Yesterday proved to be a very successful day on the buying front...Hubby and I covered quite a few miles, but were rewarded by our efforts, buying some lovely items that I shall be able to add to the shop this week.

Pretty Victorian and Deco china items, all printed with beautiful floral designs that are always popular. Here's just a few of the pieces...

This is a little painting on board that I thought was very pretty.
I also bought lots of books to add to the shelves...
As well as some magazines from the 1950's.
The gorgeous c1930's tin (with the yachts on) was produced by 'Frys' - which I should imagine will become increasingly collectable due to the recent sad closure of the long established British Company. (I was particularly saddened by this event, as the beautiful old Somerdale factory is only a couple of miles down the road from our home.)

Staying with the local interest, I also bought several old maps of our surrounding counties.

And with travel in mind, I also thought these old suitcases were fun and perfect for storage on top of a wardrobe - they'll display nicely in the shop, along with the fab 'going-away' blue wool suits that I also found.

(Again another nod to the local area - Love that old railway label!)

Inside one of the little suitcases was a surprise find of a fine selection of Victorian/Edwardian ephemera. I had a lot of fun looking through it all last night...

Another surprise discovery, inside a rather plain silk covered carrying case, was a stunning boudoir set which originated in Japan. Looking as fresh as the day they were made, is a completely unused pair of embroidered pyjamas with matching dressing gown and sweet pair of fluff trimmed bedroom slippers, along with a sweet note from a devoted husband to his wife. I do wonder why she never wore the gorgeous set?...
There were quite a few other items, but I shall try to photograph them when they make it into the shop sometime this week.
One item that I decided to keep, because I loved it so much, was this beautiful framed embroidery of a bluebell wood. From a short distance it looks like a painting, but on closer inspection it is clear to see the painstaking hand stitches making up the dreamy scene.

Placed near the little corner table that I bought from Sue not so long ago, I think it echoes the colours nicely and serves as a reminder of one of my most favourite places at that special time of the year.
And I'm just trying to decide if I can part with this original watercolour of a bluebell wood - Its always a tough decision parting with original items, as you're unlikely to see anything like them again...It's the gold mount and frame that has me in two minds...a little 'grand' for our home, somehow...

I will be parting with these large Victorian prints though - I love them, but they are rather large, as you can possibly tell when they are compared to the height of the banister rail.

I need to do some work on their frames first though, as they have seen better days...
I've had to spend a huge part of today trying to sort out on-going hassles with the shop. If it's not been the insurance, its the rates, if not that, then the would not believe my first water/sewage bill on such a small premise! So I am in the process of trying to get it lowered...lots of hassles which I won't go into right now...but such a waste of precious time.
Have a lovely week, won't you?!
Niki x


  1. All beautiful finds, Niki! I would most certainly keep the watercolor of the bluebell woods... so charming!

  2. Hi Niki
    I am sure that you will get those problems sorted as they are so outrageous. You must keep trying even though it is so wearing, we are in dispute with Powergen, they are at fault for leaving my mum with no heat at all since last summer, she has been seriously ill and freezing cold because of their equipment but deny it all, I am writing to hte ombudsman and the chap on GMTV!
    I don't know haw you manage to get so many lovely goodies on a days buying, I have spent all afternooon out for hardly anything!
    Have a nice sunny day tomorrow

  3. What absolutely wonderful finds! I sure wish I could come to your shop--I would snap up that "English Villages" book in a heartbeat! Also that pink suitcase--yummy!

    Thanks for sharing these beauties today!

  4. Beautiful finds Niki. Sorry to hear the stresses rumble on & on for you. Take care, Liz x

  5. You have some great finds this weekend. The bluebell wood embroidery is really lovely. I used to love walking through bluebell woods as a child. Even tried making bluebell scent when I was about 9, it was not a success.

  6. Fab finds Niki - I particularly like the suitcases!


  7. What great finds! Those suitcases are lovely!

  8. Perhaps the wife thought the pjs were too beautiful to wear.
    Lovely finds. There are some really pretty pieces. xx

  9. Niki, what great finds! I am partical to the first picture of the plates. You sure found some real bargains. Congrats,

  10. Keep on with the battle, don't let the b***ers get away with it!
    Lovely finds yesterday by the way, I too like the plates and the bluebell embroidered picture.

    Best wishes,
    Sandie xx

  11. Hello Niki! That's such a shame about the bills being so high...seems everyone has their hands out when you're starting out. I hope you're able to get them straightened out soon so you can get back to the fun stuff. The plate in the first picture...would look LOVELY in my living room as it is the perfect colour! One day I'll get over there and have fun in your shop. Did Fry's make cocoa powder? I seem to remember a yellow tin with Fry's Cocoa on it in my grandmother's kitchen. She LOVED Cadbury's and Roundtree's chocolate. She always claimed they made the best chocolate in the world. She was from New Castle Upon Tyne....a Geordie is it? Anyway I hope you have a wonderful day (Tuesday). Maura

  12. You do manage to find some wonderful pieces for your shop Niki!
    I agree with the SHOULD keep the painting!

    Bellaboo :o)

  13. Guenievre9:10 am

    Bonjour !
    comme toutes ces choses sont jolies ! J'adore les fleurs sur la porcelaine de Chine !
    Le tableau repr├ęsentant un sous-bois est magnifique.
    Belle semaine !

  14. Hi Niki,
    sorry to hear about the hassles... I know water bills are expensive over there, but I am wondering how much water you could use in a tiny shop like that :((
    Hope the gorgeous finds cheered you up a little bit!

  15. Hi Niki
    Just thought I'd pop by & say hello.
    Love all your vintage finds and will try to look you up around 12/13th April as we are coming to Bath for a long weekend. Is your shop far from Bath?


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