Monday, September 26, 2011

Home & Away

Inspired by the lovely Victorian jug that I bought a couple of months ago at the flea market, I have decided to have a change around in our back living room...
It will be a work in progress for a while, because time at home to faff(!) is limited these days...

But I have bought a set of drawers, that were already painted a rich green, to go in one corner...
And I'm working with some of these lovely antique French fabrics to make some curtains...
(Still VERY much a work in progress.)
I'll reveal all when the room is complete.
The change around has meant that I've had to be brave and say good-bye to the painted dresser that I gave a make-over to recently, and was unable to part with at the time, to make way for the green drawers.
I painted it white and gave it a distressed finish. I also lined the back with toile de jouy wallpaper.
Its now at the shop waiting to go to a new home.
Yesterday was not a day to be inside interior designing though, so with the sun shining we headed off to Bridport.

The vintage market was on again, as well as the retail units in the vintage quarter all being open for business.
This isn't the best venue for me to buy stock for my shop, but its a nice place to have a mooch and it always gives us a good excuse (if one were needed) to head off to the coast afterwards. I did however come away with a few finds, so will show those at the end of this post.
I loved the coats and jackets made from vintage floral fabrics on this stall, but sadly they were beyond my small budget.
So, time to head for Lyme Regis...
and a cup of tea on the prom!
We then went for a stroll along it...
all the way to the end of the harbour wall.
A perfect day.
Purchases, as promised, were:
Homemade jam bought by hubby...Think this was a subtle hint to remind me I need to make this years batch of plum jam! (Plums are waiting in the freezer for me to find the time!)
I thought this rustic rocking horse would make a fantastic display item for the next fair I attend, for my rag dolls (yet to be made!) to sit on...
The children's theme continues with a German toy sewing machine...
A cute (and well loved!) doll's dressing table...
And this adorable c1940's child's dressing gown. I love how the 'make do' philosophy is evident on the sleeves, where the hems have been let down as far as they could go in order to make the gown last a few more months...

I'm keeping this and will hang it up in our spare single bedroom (which I am also working on when time allows! ;-))

Finally a cheerful vintage print of nasturtium flowers.
Hope you had a lovely weekend too...
Niki x


  1. Ah, the Munchkin tried on that very dressing gown (he needs to shrink instead of getting bigger)! I love the reddish wooden horse, probably due to my current obsession with prairie style stuff. I look forward to ogling it with your dolls at a fair soon!
    Hen x

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic and fruitful day. I love the little horse!
    Can't wait to see the makeover the curtain fabric is beautiful. Shame I live so far away, 'cos that dresser would go in my dining room a treat. (I have another dresser filled with masons ironstone) and my curtain valance is in the pink tiole de jouy!

  3. Love your white dresser its very me , lovely pictures of bridport wish i lived nearer would love to mooch about there and lyme regis i love those beach huts too

  4. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Oooooh lots of faffing going on at yours then :) can't wait to see the changes,that dresser is beautiful and i love how you papered inside with toile de jouy,so feminine.
    Love those antique french fabrics,i bought a few from Donna a while ago and dare not cut or sew them,wow they will be pretty curtains,i have two pairs of lovely old blue floral curtains and i bought a dress pattern thinking it would be nice for winter so seeing that stall you stopped by has inspired me instead of making think i have gone mad,the little sewing machine is just lovely along with the doll dressing table,great buys and a great post,thank you for sharing them with us,

  5. Dear Niki, Thank you for all the loveliness! Mary C

  6. What a lovely jug. Do I take it that you are keeping it for a while?
    Hope to see you at the Flea in October.
    Best wishes,

  7. Oooo, incredible loveliness! I am desperate to go to another antiques fair but none nearby and no time either *sad face*. xxx

  8. Looks as if you had a lovely time on Sunday. pop into the Dairy house next time.. the kettle is never far from the boil! Lizzie x

  9. Those patchwork curtains will be lovely! I made some (in less gorgeously antique fabrics) for our spare bedroom/office/sewing room and years later still love them. For years, I've adored expensive curtan fabric and only been able to afford remnants, and our windows are large. And you don't have to chose just one fabric!

  10. Hi Niki.
    Great's always nice to walk on your blog! ;o))
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  11. Hello, fabulous blog. Really enjoying a good look about. Your blog banner would make a gorgeous eiderdown!! Belindaxx


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