Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Dreams

A few weeks ago a lovely lady came into my shop and asked if I'd like to buy a few items from her, that had once belonged to her late mother. Amongst them was a delightful c1930's handmade wooden doll's bed. As she put it down on my shop counter I reached for one of my medium sized rag dolls that I had sitting on the shelf above my head. I lay her on the bed and declared her a perfect fit, with which the lady became quite emotional. I promised I would make some bed linens for the little bed and would try to find it a good home where it would be enjoyed.

Yesterday I worked on making the bed clothes. I wanted them to have a make-do-and-mend quality about them and the fabrics to be of a similar era to the bed.
There's a little quilt which I made from patches of old pink paisley 'cosy quilt'.
I cut a section of blanket from a real vintage pure wool blanket (avoiding the moth holes that littered it!) I worked a simple wool running stitch across the top for decoration.
Underneath these two is a ticking mattress, which I filled with more pieces of wool blanket. I stitched through the layers with wool loops to hold them in place.
Finally I added a matching ticking pillow, softly stuffed with toy filler. Now to make a doll to fit, as I am out of stock of these at the moment...I may keep the bed for the Vintage Bazaar next month, as this will fit nicely with the theme of my stall. I think I may make a tiny Christmas stocking to hang from the end!
Another caller to my shop recently brought in some lovely tapestry pieces for me to buy.
I always think these work well in the home during the autumn and winter seasons, so I've started making some cushions from them.
This one is teamed with a floral Sanderson linen.

Lots more to achieve...
Have a lovely day!
Niki x


  1. What a lovely story, I love your makeover of the bed. I picked up a fairly boring modern dolly bed at the car boot recently and painted it last weekend. I've made a ticking mattress (used offcuts of quilt batting inside of which I have loads) and am in the process of making a quilt with dinky Suffolk puffs. I went into the living room the other morning to find my black cat curled up fast asleep on it. I didnt have the heart to move him... It will definitely be staying put!
    Hen x

  2. That little bed looks ever so comfy I could just curl up and have 40 winks!! Some little/big girl is going to cherish it, Lucey x

  3. Hi Niki,
    The little bed looks really beautiful and what a touching story,the pink paisley is really pretty and looks super with the dark wood.
    The tapestry is lovely and is beautiful made up as a cushion,don't forget to take a picture of the little stocking hanging from the bed please if you have the time xxx

  4. Hi Niki
    You never let us down, Niki, you always make such lovely things.

  5. yes a little stocking would be so cute for the bed!

  6. Beautiful bed, what a lovely makeover, yes, a Christmas stocking would be perfect.
    Carol xx


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