Sunday, September 16, 2012

Peachy Perfect!

I bought this beautiful c1930's wedding dress from a customer to my shop last week...I always love acquiring treasures such as this, which are fresh to the market. Often people are down-sizing and need to part with items from their homes, or sadly, its because they are clearing out a loved-ones home who has passed away. For whatever the reason, I am always surprised how they are able to part with family pieces, but am able to reassure them that I should be able to find the items a good home with someone who will appreciate them.
This dress is a classic shape, minute in size, with beautiful details.
Made of the sort of heavy satin that flops into your hand and drapes so perfectly, due to it having been cut and stitched together on the bias.
This one has been dyed a remarkably rich coral colour.
I love all the satin covered buttons down it's back.

Not only did it come with a matching fringed shawl...

But there was a matching delicate net veil too...
(Also dyed in the coral shade, which is difficult to capture on a photograph.)
After bringing them home to carefully press each piece, I couldn't wait to get them back to my shop and onto my mannequin.
It was a very snug fit; my mannequin was only just petite enough, but it allows the whole ensemble to be seen properly. (Matching gloves were with the dress, but these have a small amount of damage.)
I'm hoping it will find a home with someone who collects vintage costume...
Or perhaps a tiny lady will come along and be able to wear it again on her wedding day!

I've bought lots more vintage items recently, which I hope to share on my blog soon,
Niki x


  1. What a lovely find! The veil looks so beautiful and delicate and the dress and shawl are awesome vintage courture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is just exquisite. Imagine being tiny enough to wear such a beautiful gown. Wouldnt you just love to have seen a photo of the bride?

  3. Can't wait to be there :-). Will visit you Thursday, yeahhhhh!!! Have a good time until then.

  4. That's truly beautiful ... Funnily enough I've just watched War Bride starring Anna Friel this afternoon, can recommend this film, I'd never heard of it before and picked up the DVD at a garage sale. Lovely vintage clothes!

    Claire xxx

  5. Such a lovely treasure and how fortunate you are to have it. Love the draping and oh those pretty covered buttons!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. thats so pretty Niki, and a lovely colour too- real blush. Just perfect

  7. Absolutely exquisite Niki, really beautiful. It would be lovely if someone wore it once more for their wedding. A while ago I sold a 1920's art deco mirrored cake stand and a bride to be bought it for her wedding day, she even sent me photographs of it at her wedding reception and it looked she keeps all her little keepsakes on it!
    Jo xx

  8. Oh wow Niki!
    How gorgeous it all is...the colour is heavenly and the shawl oh my too beautiful for words x

  9. What a beautiful wedding dress. Peachy pink is such a pretty colour.

  10. Anonymous9:08 am

    Absolutely beautiful. I love vintage clothes, but unfortunately I am not a vintage size!


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