Monday, September 24, 2012

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation!

Thank you for all your recent comments on my blog...I'm sorry I don't get to visit many of your blogs at the moment, but my spare time has been taken up with all the wedding preparations (when I'm not at work.)
We had a bit of a bake-a-thon yesterday, which was a very comforting day - the rain lashed outside, but we were cosy and warm inside whilst cake smells wafted through the house and the windows steamed up!
I'd rather not show photos here yet, as some of my relatives read my blog, we want to keep lots of the special personal touches a surprise for now. Instead I'll share with you what I got up to on Saturday at my shop.
I'd bought a selection of fragrant French soaps which I wrapped in vintage wallpaper. I tied with vintage seam binding and decorated with dainty pink violets.
I love this dramatic black paper, but realise it isn't to everyone's taste, so I made another version using a 50's wallpaper printed in pink and turquoise.

These I tied with vintage velvet ribbon and the same little pink violets. 

Another task was to package some tiny Edwardian collar pins that I'd bought at the recent Antiques Fair.
I printed several images onto thin card, which I copied from the book that Anna kindly gave to me last month, and cut them out.
I then wrapped a small lengths of antique lace around the shoulders of my lovely ladies...
And fastened them with one of the pins.

Each presented in a clear cellophane bag.
(I've been bag making too.)
Hope you had a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. I love the Edwardian ladies with the antique lace and pins, really beautiful and so cleverly presented.
    Jo xx

  2. Hi Niki.
    Wonderful ideas!
    You are a special person and brilliant. ;o)))
    Good work, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  3. You always make the most wonderful things, what price are the pins please? Lucey x

  4. Hi Lucy,
    Many thanks for your comment on my blog and interest in the pins. They are £3 each plus p&p – They are small – and were a pretty but fairly discreet way of fastening the detachable lace collars ladies used to love to wear years ago...Hope that helps,

  5. You have been so very busy, and it all looks wonderful
    Thea x

  6. Nice to see you found a use for the pictures. I am in New England on my hols and have seen lots of shops that you would enjoy. I hope the wedding is all you wish it to be
    Anna x


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