Monday, January 24, 2011

Finds from the 50's

Firstly, thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving your kind good wishes with me on the 1st anniversary of my shop. I am really looking forward to another years trading and hope to be able to continue finding lots of vintage goodies, and hand making unique items to fill the shelves.
I hope you had a lovely weekend. I wasn't sure whether to spend Sunday at the local antiques fair - It being the third day of the 3-day event, I wasn't convinced if it would be worth the visit...But knowing of the luck I had, had on a previous Sunday forage there, I decided it had to be done!

At the end of a full day searching, thankfully I did come away with a few treasures...
The red and white polka dot piece here is a c1950's collar with detachable bow.

Then there's this cute 50's frilly pinny and a selection of cheerful (50's again) floral fabrics...

I was so pleased to discover them, as not only are they getting harder to find these days, but the prices seem to becoming ridiculous! I love finding usable lengths to recycle into cushions and bags, which these will be perfect for.




I can't wait to start using them.
Flowers continue atop a little Barbola mirror...The other piece is an antique French hand mirror with etched design and the name Lottie on the glass.

They are sitting on a wonderful piece of old velvet, which I have plans for. I hope to use it to make a bag this week...If I'm successful, I'll include it in one of my future blog posts.
The next item that I found incorporates both a mirror and velvet! It's a Victorian wall shelf, covered in embossed olive green velvet...just in need of a little tlc.

Next some fun 50's magazines...

and another with instructions for smocking.

This old chocolate box is filled to overflowing with old embroidery transfers. I'm finding there is renewed interest in these old crafts and it's nice to be able to supply my customers with the sewing requirements they are looking for. At the shop I have lots of sewing and knitting patterns, as well as buttons, threads and embellishments...when I can spare them from my own supplies! ;-))


Finally, I was glad to find some costume brooches. I was down to just one of my best-selling bottle/brooch ensembles, so today I have been able to put together a new collection with some of the brooches below, which I shall take to the shop tomorrow.

I've been painting a wall mirror frame today too...and I also have some vintage daywear dresses to take in, and some handmade cushions. The map drawers have been reserved, so I shall be on the look out for new furniture this week to fill the gaps.
Hope you have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Love it all Niki,
    If you get a chance, stop by my blog for my paper giveaway. You will see loads of 1950's ads there too.
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  2. Oh golly I missed your 1st anniversary post. I've been really bad at blog comments recently...many apologies and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I will get to your lovely shop one day.


  3. lovely lovely finds!
    Like Lucy above, I've been a tad absent from comments lately so apologies for not saying once again how nice it is to "pop over" and see what's happening!

  4. More lovely treasures, what a beautiful flowery post. Don't you just love the scent of hyacinths. I have two pots at the moment, delicious!
    I have a quite a few embroidery transfers, I'll probably use some (if I can just put my crochet hook down!)but need to find a good home for the rest.
    Hope you have a great week too Niki.
    Carol xx

  5. OOooh, I WANT that smocking book! It looks fabulous, just from the cover.

  6. Great finds Niki, well done! It is nice to know that it is worth visiting the fair on "day 3". Have a good week. xx

  7. Hi Niki
    Sometimes it is worth waiting for the last day, as sometimes traders are happy to sell off at more reasonable prices. I hope the weather wasn't too cold, Liaaie had said that it had been freezing cold!
    See you soon
    T x

  8. Vše je krásné...


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx