Saturday, January 15, 2011

Looking Ahead...

I know spring is a little way off yet, but it doesn't hurt to think ahead...
I've been busy this week working with some lovely pieces of vintage hand embroidery.
I've recycled two chair backs (antimacassars) with crocus, snowdrops and daffodils embroidered onto them, and combined them with some pretty vintage fabrics, to create two patchwork cushions.
The backs have envelope openings and tie fastenings.
Also, with the two chair backs, was a matching vintage cushion cover.

So I added ties to the back opening...
And slipped a new feather filled pad inside.
For now they are tucked up on the top shelf at the shop...
And I shall bring them down to display amongst other springtime pieces when the season changes (if they don't sell in the meantime! ;-))
Sorry its not a very exciting post, but I've been busy sewing all week and not had much time for anything else...But my weekend starts now!
My thanks to Jill for the lovely hyacinths, which are making me feel that spring really is just around the corner...
Love Niki x


  1. Oh Niki, I love the pink floral chamber pot! ( or a guzunder as we used to call them, we used them too!)
    The cushions I think will sell before you do your seasonal display change - they are fabulous!

    Sandie xx

  2. What a talent you have, Niki! Gorgeous!

  3. yes, Spring is on it's way- the snowdrops are pushing through.
    Happy Almost Spring Niki! xx

  4. the cushions are lovely

  5. I'm sure those cushions will sell before you know it. They are totally gorgeous.


  6. wow! The cushions are really gorgeous - I am really blown away by them!

  7. The cushions are stunning, so springlike! I've been embroidering, but you put me to shame.

  8. Those cushions are a great idea for using up pieces of vintage embroidery. I look forward to visiting your shop if I am ever in the area. Liz

  9. I just found you and adore your blog, come for a visit when you can!

  10. I love those cushions.So much work has gone into the original embroidery and now your work as well.I don't think they will be on the shelf for long.

  11. Great work,so springy.


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