Friday, June 22, 2012

All the Small Things...

Sometimes its hard to believe what has managed to stand the test of time...I've just bought this little collection of circus figures. Each one is no more than 3" high and is handmade from crepe paper and wire.
They were designed as cake decorations and are from around the 1920's or 30's. 
These two little girls in their tutus have faded quite a bit, but I can just make out that one would have been pastel blue and the other pastel pink.

The detailed little faces are just a delight.
I may have to give it a try making some myself! 

Amongst them too was another tiny treasure. Another felt mouse! - This one wearing a flower hat bigger than her head! Adorable! :)
I have just about finished our kitchen makeover now, but am a little short on time to add any photos to my blog (for anyone remotely interested!!) - We have a hectic weekend ahead of us - I would hope to be back at my blog later next week.
Have a fabulous weekend won't you?...I can't wait for ours to start...I am so excited... ;-))
Niki x


  1. Niki those little crepe figures are so adorable. Love the clowns. Your kitchen looks really nice.

  2. Love those circus figures! Hope the weekend goes well and the weather is kind to you.
    Best wishes.

  3. I love vintage cake toppers. These ones are gorgeous. Obviously somebody treasured their memory and couldn't part with them. Whoever did own them would be thrilled to now have you own them and love them so much. Great find !

  4. The cake toppers are amazing Niki!!!

    Your kitchen is also amazing, what a difference. You have worked your wonders as usual clever lady x

  5. Hi Niki, have you gone from red to blue & grey? It looks wonderful. T x

  6. Have a good weekend,hope you are happy with the kitchen..

  7. so cute..looking forward to seeing pics of the kitchen makeover..


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