Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bath Time!

The other day I managed to buy a glazed terracotta saucer to match the Victorian china pedestal that I found at a flea market a while ago.
It makes a pretty bird bath for the feathered friends who visit our garden. 

At the shop, I've had another china jardinière stand for a while now, which sadly has remained unsold... 
I'm now wondering if I should bring it home and make another bird bath from it...
But with several watering holes available to the birdies already...
Maybe I could turn it into a pretty outside table, by cementing a paving slab to the top of it? 
Niki x


  1. Lucky birds is all I can say ... with their beautiful vintage comforts! M x

  2. Hi Nikki Why not get some old china and make a mosaic table top. You could use marine ply cut in a circle, that would go outside OK. If you stick to floral china it would look really fab. I'n new here found you via Linda Wilks. Joan

  3. Hi Niki,
    Oh your bird bath is just beautiful! what a fabulous idea.....that china jardiniere stand is beautiful i can not believe it hasn't been snapped up,could you drill a hole in the middle and fix one of those metal pole bird feeders to it to go with your bird bath? it would make a lovely table.

  4. Wow, they are so pretty!
    The birds will enjoy bath time!xxx

  5. Oh, that birdbath is a beauty! Very nice find!

  6. Oh what a beautiful bird bath. I don't think it would last very long in our garden. A couple of woodpigeons doing impersonations of bomber aircrafts would wreak havoc!
    Carol xx

  7. You are always full of so many great ideas! Lizzie

  8. The romance of you and your things is beautiful... Its lovely to come visiting again. We have only been absence because of work demands... a spot of visiting to special places (like your blog) is in order... Lovely post. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  9. ... meant also to add.. that we hope you are keeping well.. :-) H, D, B xxx

  10. What very lucky little birds to have such an elegant bath.Love Jill xx

  11. Gorgeous! Will you have to bring them in in the winter though, as they wouldn't be frost resistant?


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