Friday, June 01, 2012

Re-stocking, Made Easy...

You may have read about my friend Jill on my blog before - A lovely lady who does look after me! In the past I've been able to buy heaps of beautiful rose china which she's saved for me.
Last night I was invited to her home again to rootle through some more vintage treasures she had found with me in mind. Its always a pleasure to buy from Jill, as she knows my taste...Well, we share the same taste, actually.
This is what greeted me when I arrived at her home yesterday evening. Lots of lovelies laid out on the table for me to sort through. :)
The embroidered linens are particularly scrummy...I shall be recycling many of these into something new...
The lovely green basket was full of little gifts for me! :)

(The fabulous set of 6 Victorian blue and white tea cups and saucers sold  straight away at my shop today - perhaps someone has a Jubilee tea party planned?!)
Now, secretly I'd love to photograph Jill's entire home and garden, as I know you'd love them!...but I didn't like to intrude too much...So I asked her if I could take a couple of pictures in her beautiful newly constructed garden room...
Jill managed to find a copy of Vintage Flowers after reading about it on my blog...
And she too has been inspired! 

A cute display next to one of her bulging book shelves. 
A delightful craft area...with familiar handmade bag
And two little cuties rescued from a Jumble Sale!
Maybe I should be brave and ask if I could take more photos to show on my blog another time?
Jill is organising a Country Market, which will take place on Saturday June 30th at Saltford Village Hall (Saltford near Keynsham) 10am til 3pm. I know it will be wonderful.
So, my shop is now stocked with lots of new (old!) lovelies...
Including lots of scrumptious gardenalia...
Which I filled with flowers from Shepton's market today.

The bunting has just gone up on the High Street, in readiness for the Jubilee event tomorrow...(Details on my previous post.)
Hope you have a lovely extra-long weekend,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki, oh what wonderful treasure. Look forward to seeing what you make with the linens. The green basket is really nice, I find baskets hard to resist.
    I too was able to find the Vintage Flowers book ! The very last copy in our store. It is lovely ,thank you for featuring it.
    Hope you have a lovely Jubilee weekend too.
    Carol xx

  2. Oh my goodness!
    I would so LOVE to turn up at someones house, and have the table laid out like that with things I could buy!! How beautiful!!

    I adore those linens Niki, and that green basket is just awesome!!
    What a lovely friend you have!

    I hope you have a realy successful shop day today Niki, and have an awesome weekend with your family!

    Take care,
    Donna x

  3. Hi Niki, what a wonderful friend you have in Jill. Can't wait to see what fabulous things you make with all those linens. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Lesley x

  4. Hello Niki, yes indeed a very kind friend!
    Have looked through your previous posts and have been catching up on the Jubilee celebrations in your neck of the woods!
    Hasn,t it been just lovely?
    Love Maria x


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