Monday, June 11, 2012

June at the Shop

I've been making cushions...
Using vintage floral fabrics...
And vintage hand embroidery salvaged from damaged tablecloths. 

I've been tidying the shop after the Jubilee scheme had to be changed...

And I've been shopping for more treasures to fill the shelves...
A cute wooden toy wardrobe.
Wonderful sets of vintage buttons 
A c1920's/30's fan.

A flapper wedding! 
Silvery pieces...
And sparkling brooches.

Victorian glass paperweight.
And an assortment of silk head scarves to re-fill my mannequin at the shop. 

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. If only I lived in England I'd come to visit.....everything looks interesting.....ciao Alison

  2. What a wonderful shop! Keep up the good work..

  3. I love your cushions and your shop looks amazing xx

  4. Niki,I have to tell you your shop is looking beautiful in June.Your artful displays are just amazing and original.I wish you were nearer as you probably wouldn't be able to get rid of me.I would have to pay you rent lol!!
    I cant believe how productive you are and I feel ashamed that I procrastinate so much instead of making things- I will try harder.
    Anne x

  5. Gorgeous inspired displays as always Niki - I will call to your lovely shop at some future point - maybe when we are out and about caravanning!
    Sally @LavenderAttic

  6. It is all looking as wonderful and tempting as always. Hope all well with you and yours. xx

  7. Such gorgeous makes and finds Niki.

    Your shop is looking wonderful, and I'm just waiting for theday we can visit!!

    Have a great week,
    Love Donna x

  8. Lovely cushions, very inspring!

  9. I love all your handmade cushions. The fabrics are really beautiful especially with the embroidered pieces. Your shop looks so inviting. If I ever get the chance to visit I'm sure I will be there for hours!

  10. If only I was closer than I am sure I would be your best customer. I just adore the Fathers Day card....I love antique postcards. If you have a minute please pop over to my blog and say hi x


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx