Friday, June 15, 2012

Kitchen Capers II

Earlier in the week I began a bit of a change around in our kitchen. (Those who know me well, are used to my sudden bursts of activity now and then, and my need for a change and a good old faff about! Evidence here!) It started with me washing all of the vintage china that I had on display - After a while, a greasy dust seems to coat all of those things that aren't used regularly, and so a good deep clean is required...Hope I'm not the only one this happens to!! Anyway, it was a bit of an undertaking!...
Having started the task too late in the week (I've now been at work for the last two) its still a work in progress...
But I've decided to let the painted cream dresser go, that housed all of my red and white china.
Its the one I wrote about here.
It will be offered for sale in my shop tomorrow. Hubby is going to have to deliver it to me though, as I still have an issue with access to my shop's entrance due to the bollards blocking my way onto the Market Place. County and Town Counsellors have so far been of no help and so I shall be stepping up my actions in trying to gain a key from them (at the very least!) Time I don't really have, but such is life...  
Hopefully I will find time to finish the change around to our kitchen, which in the long run will mean less time spent washing so much of the stuff on display! 
So whilst my kitchen awaits normality again..AND we all wait for summer to arrive back with us, I thought I'd leave you with a few colourful summery pictures from a wonderful holiday we had in France a couple of years ago.
(France has always been my inspiration as I love the country style they adopt in their rural homes.)

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Oh I'm in love with your kitchen, it's stunning! x

  2. Your kitchen is really nice and those flowers are so bright and cheery.

  3. Do not worry Niki, in all kitchens,
    even in the dust and the Italian
    grease on all objects. And 'the
    I hate the most clean room ..... bah!
    Beautiful red cooking your collection.
    Susy Love x
    P. S. Thanks for visiting, have you seen your heart?

  4. Thanks that I am not the only with all that china on display. I have started to have less in the kitchen but have more elsewhere in the house ;-). I think, we will never read that book "simplify your life" *ggg*

  5. Your red and white china is so pretty and the French flower stalls are so bright and colourful. Hope you obtain a key from the council - they do seem to like making life difficult.

  6. Lovely post,glad I am not the only one who sometimes suddenly notices things on the dresser are a little mucky!Hee Hee..What will they go on with no cream dresser?
    Callie x


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