Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coffee Break

I've been totally inspired this morning by this fabulous wedding...
Now the slightly wonky cake that I made yesterday (heading for the freezer for the big day) doesn't seem quite so bad...
Home-made is good, right?!
I used the coffee cake recipe from this book, but decorated it completely differently, in my own 'distinctive' style! ;-)) 1000 calories per slice!
My Nan always made lovely coffee cakes, so it will be a nice reminder for my daughter on her wedding day.
Happy Wednesday,
Niki x


  1. Think I'll get a divorce... just so I can commission a Niki's OTT decorated super-duper wedding cake.

    Your stylishness know no bounds.


  2. Hi LL, Many thanks for your vote of confidence! ;-))...there will be lots of other cakes to choose from at the wedding, so the calorific version is just one option!
    N x

  3. Mmmmm... yummy! Looks delicious!

  4. Oh wow Niki i am putting the kettle on ;) looks gorgeous! x

  5. You are making me hungry, that looks scrummy. Kxxx

  6. Oh my goodness! All I can think of now is a slice of that cake with a cold glass of milk. I am a sucker for yummy looking cake (And my mountain sized rump shows it hehehe)

  7. Thank you for both your blog comments Niki. We were lucky with the weather on Saturday... it could have been a lot worse! Fabulous cake, I am drooling! xx


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