Monday, August 20, 2012

Rags to Riches

I'm not sure why this old willow basket with its scruffy rag ties fastened around it's rim 'asked' me to buy it at my local farm sale...but it was one of those things that spoke to me and I couldn't refuse...
Lovely raggy ribbons they are...Antique and faded to the softest pink...
And the basket had been sprayed a wonderful misty aqua...
The unused tapestry yarns inside were an added bonus...
Then I found these two little friendly faces (vintage Clothkits?)...
And they seemed to have found their perfect home amongst the warm wool.
So glad I bought this funny little raggy basket.
Thank you to Claudette and Noreen for coming to visit my little shop all the way from London last week...AND for your lovely letter that you sent to me afterwards...Your kind words were just the confidence boost that I needed, as I've been feeling a little apprehensive about the upcoming Vintage Cotswold's Fair on Saturday. Its the first time I've taken my wares to this event...and you know what they say...'You only have one chance to make a good first impression'... 
I'll be adding the finishing touches to my handmade items this week and will be back here to give you a sneaky peek at them before Hubs and I travel up to the beautiful Cotswold's for the fair
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Love the basket Niki, very pretty. You really mustn't be worried about the Cotswolds fair, your gorgeous wares will fit in beautifully. It really is a lovely fair and was packed last year so fingers crossed we will be busy again. Looking forward to catching up with you on Saturday.
    Jo xx

  2. Oh Niki,
    I just love the basket of kittens it looks adorable.......I hope you have a great time at the fair everything you makes is stunningly beautiful you have nothing to worry about x

  3. What cute kitties and I'm not surprised the basket spoke to you, lovely find.
    Hope the fair goes well, I don't think you need to worry as all your things are beautiful.
    Carol xx

  4. Love the basket. Good luck at the fair although I don't think you'll need it.

  5. the 1st impression will be a perfect impression!

  6. There are no apparent reason sometimes for what we reach for but a good feeling (and it pays off as you can attest!). I once purchased a fireplace broom shaped like an umbrella...simply because it made me smile or so I told the young salesman who just nod his head...probably thinking I was just an old foggy who needed some measure of entertainment!)
    Niki...No worries about the upcoming fair! You good taste prevails every time, as photos attest!

  7. Hi Niki ... I'm sure that the Fair will have a great success ... your creations are wonderful and genial!
    Too bad they can not be there!
    Greetings from the heart, Maria.
    (with translator)

  8. I made some of those pussy cats from a kit many moons ago, I must hunt them out, Lucey x PS Hope all goes well with the fair.

  9. Hi Niki
    Your stall always looks amazing ~ I am sure that you will do really well ~ and you are surrounded by lots of familiar, friendly faces (stallholders and customers!) Believe me, I am more apprehensive than you are!! I want all of my stallholders to do well and have a fab day out, and feel such a responsibility...but we still must have fun doing it. Praying for sunshine! See you on Saturday with all of your lovely things.
    Ali xx

  10. What a wonderful find! It is a great way to display old faded fabric which is beyond use too I think. x

  11. I'm certain you will do very well at the fair with all your beautiful items. I hope you have a lovely day and try not to worry too much.


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