Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rain or Shine...?

What IS the weather going to throw at us today?!


To make the flowers droop?

Or shine?

To make the flowers smile?!

Our new (old!) chairs on our balcony, bought from my friend Jill...I've decided to be brave and part with one of my French metal chairs that these have replaced, and offer for sale at the Cotswold's Fair on the 25th. (yes, just one! - As seen on this post.)

Hope the sun is shining on you,
Love Niki x


  1. Niki - I do believe we are having the very same weather! Days of pouring rain... followed by gorgeous sunshine and nice dry air. My tomato plants are confused... not enough sunshine to make the veggies ripen. Your flowers are GORGEOUS (and I do love the raindrops on petals). :)

  2. Hello,
    I know how you feel... the rain is so depressing especially during the summer holidays! We had a bit of a treat with some sunshine yesterday but it never lasts for long! My roses are suffering which is such a shame!
    Amanda- www.notsopefectmess.blogspot.com


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